Hi Arnelgp Your code is the closest I have got to achieving my aim for these 2 fields. But in the Field "showPrice" I do not seem to be picking up the correct element from the website. Currently there is the number 100 in there https://tinyurl.com/y2wsnsxn In the Field "quantity" it seems a little more complex than I at first thought The website hides the quantity field when out of stock as in this item as in the example below https://tinyurl.com/y5pz68ll Or it displays "qty 1" when it is in stock as in the example below https://tinyurl.com/y2wsnsxn BTW I am operating at the limit of my I.Q. SO any help is really gratefully received Below is the code that I am currently using, and I have attached an image of the form Private Sub btnNavigate_Click() Dim sURL As String sURL = tbxURL.Value Dim Browser As WebBrowser Set Browser = ctlBrowser.Object Dim ipos As Integer Dim dblQuantity As Double Dim dblPrice As Double Dim strQuantity As String Dim html As String html = html & "" html = "" & _ "" & _ "" & _ "
" & _ "100" & _ "" & _ "" 'check first if the textbox is present ipos = InStr(html, " 0 Then 'textbox is present 'get the Value for Quantity ipos = InStr(ipos, html, "value=") html = Mid(html, ipos + Len("value=")) ipos = InStr(1, html, "maxlength") 'this is the quantity strQuantity = Trim(Left(html, ipos - 1)) Do While InStr(1, strQuantity, """") > 0 strQuantity = Replace(strQuantity, """", "") Loop dblQuantity = CDbl(strQuantity) End If 'check if class showPrice is present ipos = InStr(1, html, " 0 Then 'showPrice is present ipos = InStr(ipos, html, ">") html = Mid(html, ipos + 1) ipos = InStr(1, html, "<") dblPrice = CDbl(Left(html, ipos - 1)) End If 'objIE.Quit 'Debug.Print quantity 'Debug.Print Price quantity = strQuantity showPrice = dblPrice Browser.Silent = True Browser.navigate sURL End Sub