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    Is it or not?

    sure why not
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    Free the Nipple

    I don't think it's comfortable, flubbing everywhere
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    iPhone, is it worthit?

    I am thinking of transitioning from Samsung to iPhone.
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    Video Tutorials

    very helpful thank you so much
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    What's your best/worst joke?

    I don't think jokes are funny, especially long ones. A guy wants a divorce. He tells the judge "I can't take it anymore she's out going from bar to bar every night way past midnight" The judge responds "what's she doing" The guy says "looking for me" :banghead:
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    What do nuns do?

    pray, charity
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    Should there be the death penalty?

    absolutely if the prosecution has proved beyond doubt that the accused has committed the heinous crime.
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    Is Microsoft Access a 'proper' database?

    maybe for personal use or small business/office.
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    Tips for height increase

    if you are past the age of 18, I don't think you can at least naturally.
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    New member here

    HI. hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I just started learning about databases and definitely new to ms access. I have a few upcoming ms access projects. Form the few threads I've read I am sure I will learn a lot.
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