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  • HI Rain
    sometimes its just easier to ramble on through your keyboard knowing the other person is half a world away and there is no chance of actually meeting them!
    I think maybe you should try and get some support from fellow sufferers, these types of syndromes are not easy to cope with alone. Although saying that I was sent to an occupational therapy group when I was intitially diagnosed. I went was full of middle aged, overweight, whining women that as far as I am concerned I had absolutely nothing in common with.
    Im not ill, I just have days when I am unable to do as much as I used to. I will not let it beat me or totally stop me from doing the things I love. I have learned to do them at a slower and more spread out pace.
    PS I worked with race horses...its all fixed!
    I really have to get my act into gear. Got a call from a Client today. 1,000 Miles away. I have to fly there in 36 Hours. (Hope my arms are well). Non Access related. I will be wearing a different hat. The business is Mining related. I will be advising him on his Business accounts and practices. I am also writing a TMS. Time Management System in Access to track jobs, payroll, invoicing, quotes etc. I used to travel to work every Monday and home Friday. No wonder the missus left. I got custody of the Boy and the Girl. Oh yea the new dog too.

    Don't ask why I am telling you all this. Sometimes I just write for hours on end about anything and everything.

    PS. Look out for Black Caviar this Saturday. At Ascot I think. Another Rain Lover.
    BTW. I don't bet on horses. That is a mugs game. I just think they are a beautiful animal like those big Pussy Cats.
    How long have you had FM? How do you cope with the horrible brain dulling that is caused partly by the opiates and partly by the FM?

    Is my brain that dull? Joking.

    Sometimes in the afternoon I sit in my bedroom and tears just about flow. The headaches are bad. However the worse thing is that they last for days upon days. After a while you get a little depressed.

    I had Polymyalgia for about a year or so. Apparently that has gone according to blood tests so now I have FM. Just been diagnosed last week. They tell me it is the same horse just a different Jockey.
    The Bucket Dog is the Pup with one of those things around his head to stop him from bighting his wound. When he gives me his morning lick to so say get up, he hits me with the bucket. I took it off yesterday. He is doing well and so am I.
    Did I tell you I was sick? I must have. I have Fibromyalgia. It causes pain of the joints. Trouble is the medication. I can't take simple stuff like codeine or paracetamol. So when I do take a pain pill I get a little high. They give me an opiate for the pain.

    Feel free to PM me if you want something proof read. Also if you are not getting a good answer to one of your questions. Just send me a link and I will reply in the Forum. Glad you like my answers.
    Whatever feels good do. Trying to educate newcomers is impossible. They just want a solution to their problem. I was thinking along the lines of feedback for those helpers who get too technical at times. Your submission in the Forum would have to be approved by a Moderator but that is not a problem. I would be more than happy to proof read and give feed back, but I don't want to critise myself. After all I am near perfect. No I am not. I just help because I like to. That simple. I am not a Moderator or even a VIP.
    You asked about my health. I have been as crook as a dog the last couple of days. I am still alive so that is half the battle. Hope to be able to do some work in a week of two.
    The pup survived his little snip and is a pain already. I normally get woken by a big lick. This morning I woke with a hit to the head by a bucket dog. Isn't life sweet. And you think that you can rant.
    BTW I posted on your Combo Box thing. I expect to receive comments about it.
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