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  • Hi my name is john lee, I was last on the site back in July and today when I came to post a thread I have found that I am no longer allowed to post anything at all and I was wondering why that was.


    John Lee
    Hello Aprile!

    I am not getting feedback from AWF when I use Advanced message. From the password registered in your system, I think I was using an Hotmail account. Now I am with Outlook!. How can I specify my new account?

    Good day, JLC.
    Can you tell me what is wrong with my function DLookUp that doesn’t print no values just a #ERROR
    I have a table with these Fields in my Table (values_T) [ID], [Accept], [Reject], [MR100], [MR600] and [E-date] in this table I have information for every week. In my Reports I create a field [TXTinfo] it’s where I want the field [MR100] to execute some calculations for my report.
    It is my Function =DlookUp(“[MR100]’,”Values_T”, “[E-date] = #04/06/2012#”)
    But on the field TXTInfo( it is numeric field) in my Reports I got #ERROR.

    Thank you for your help.
    hi sorry to contact you like this but i have submitted a thread in the sample databases and i shouldnt of done as it is a question. stupid me for not reading it first. is it possible to have it submitted to general or will i have to redo the thread in general.

    Hi April, I posted a question yesterday that has received no response. Does that mean I stumped everyone, or was my post just to boring :) I don't want to annoy people by re-posting. Any advice?
    Hi April,

    I really appreciate your help regarding my post, i am new in access and am getting all the solutions only here in the forum.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi, AprileC
    I want to add a progress bar to my form, cna you help me? I have successfully added a progress bar to the MS Acces Status bar, however I want to add my own bar to the form.
    Hello April,

    Sorry to bother you, can you please tell me how to delete my account. I looked in the profile and I do not see a choice to delete it or if you can be kind and delete my account. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Hello AprilC,

    Have u gone through my thread ? Is it really that hard. I am really in trouble, can u help to get me out of it?

    Thanks in advance..!

    Tell me if i am doing something wrong.

    AprilC, I am user Brian the Fish, can you please delete my post from yesterday on the Modules and VBA board, I should not have posted it here. Thanks.
    Hello AprilC. A poster has just mistakenly issued me with a bad rating and he's just sent me a message informing me of it and asking if it could be reversed. Are you able to reverse it?

    Thank you.
    Hello , i'm a programmer from MEA .I wanna think you about your efforts cause really you are a good teacher. good ,adn come on!
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