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    number of days in a given month

    When using date functions provided by others, it's important to diligently test the functions across several sets of data (or dates, in this case). Just because a function seems to works properly/accurately/error-free on today's date, that doesn't mean it will be accurate for the whole year...
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    Performing a spell check on the contents of a userform field (EXCEL)

    Re: Performing a spell check on the contents of a userform field It would indeed be handy if the title of this question was renamed in indicate it's an Excel question. That said, another way to check spelling in Access is with the help of a reference to Excel. From a related answer of mine:
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    Twenty-five years ago today, November 13, 1992, Microsoft's Project code-name Cirrus was officially released to the public as Microsoft Access 1.0, marketed as the "Business Information Access Program plus Menu Developer's Kit". (Ahh the unlimited potential in a career as a professional Menu...
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    A Speaking Clock

    Was sapi_onecore.dll already on your system? I see a potential download site for onecore.dll but not sapi_onecore.dll.
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    Online Co-op Campaign Games

    Hmm ok, now I'm curious: in your opinion, is that a good thing or a bad thing? The world seems to be moving away from face-to-face contact, yet contact "in general" is easier (for example, this very conversation!) As a single parent of a teen, I wrestle with this on a daily basis...
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    Export excel file to sharepoint folder export data from Access to Sharepoint? Here is an example using docmd.TransferDatabase from MSDN : DoCmd.TransferDatabase transfertype:=acExport, databasetype:="WSS", _ databasename:="http://example/WSSSite", _ objecttype:=acTable, Source:="Customers", _...
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    Online Co-op Campaign Games

    Thank you, we will check out Destiny. My son is 13 and I've come to terms with the fact that keeping him sheltered from violent games is impossible, so instead we keep an open forum, such as his love of GTA on PC. "When I was his age".... ah, nevermind, at his age I was playing Leisure Suit...
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    Access VBA to copy specific sheets to another workbook

    There are a number of solutions if you check Google.
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    Nested IIF Statement in expression builder

    ...looking closer, you're missing the 2nd half of that statement. Perhaps a mis-copy/paste? You're saying: (if that makes sense)
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    Nested IIF Statement in expression builder

    Count the number of the left-brackets and the number of the right-brackets. They should always be equal.
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    ACCESS VBA - check if workbook is open or not open

    Sub IsDatabaseOpen() Dim appAccess As Access.Application Dim fileName As String, File_is_closed As Boolean fileName = "c:\path\filename.accdb" On Error Resume Next Set appAccess = GetObject(fileName) If Err.Number <> 0 Then File_is_closed = True Debug.Print "File...
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    Which forum site is the AWF of Web Design? Which Web Host is the best?

    Great, that's just the kind of info I'm looking for! The Wayback Machine is fun for Internet flashbacks! (I was just thinking back to my first search engine, Altavista...) For some reason I don't understand, some hosts like Google Pages don't allow stuff like: Thanks again for the suggestions...
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    Which forum site is the AWF of Web Design? Which Web Host is the best?

    Good Day fellow "Access people"... :) I'm looking for two recommendations. I realize there's no "single right answer" but I'll check out any suggestions you can make (and I'll report back to this thread on what worked out for me, and why!) 1. Which Web-Design forum is the best? (For all...
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    Free Microsoft software for current/recent students/teachers

    Microsoft doesn't go out of their way to advertise all the products they offer 100% free for current or former students or teachers at recognized institutions (worldwide I think?)... Basically, you need to have an email address from a school that you've attended, where you can get a "click here...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi Zandy, welcome! I was an Access developer as part of a past job, and then I wasn't, then I missed it and got back into it for "recreational" purposes (ya I'm a geek, lol), and that led me to paid work, for something I enjoy. (That's always a bonus!)
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