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    Capture "Your network access was interrupted" so can close/exit more controlled

    Hi, I have a BE on a wired LAN. Very rare for interruption but power outage or just resetting a Switch/AP without remembering to close all FE (I have 4) give me the above error. I usually have to click 5 or 6 or more close or X on the window before access closes. It can of course happen from...
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    Can you have an array as multiple criteria. e.g. HAVING (TableX.Email=""" & EmailSearch & """);" EmailSearch has more than 1 value

    Hi, Hope title is not too confusing. EmailPasteTable is a list of emails I have been sent. I call this function from a form & elsewhere LatestEmailUse("JoeBloggs@hotmail.com") It shows that lastest time e.g. joebloggs@hotmail.com emailed. also how many times but not so important. I would...
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    Apostrophe ’ instead of ' in RFT, solution that took me ages to work out. rare problem but bugged me!

    I could not find this anywhere so perhaps a very rare situation & not one to cause issues but just in case someone has a similar problem. Tried many times over many months & just gave up. May be obvious to some/most but thought mention here. Trying to remove or correct apostrophes ' in RTF...
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    Adding Criteria to a Calculated Expression in a query dramatically slows performance

    FirstBookedDogs = Format(DMin("DogsModDate", "[DogsModDate]", "[DogsID] =" & DogsID & ""), "dd-mmm-yyyy") DogsModeDate is both a table & one of the fields (I don't normally do that but sure oK) It is a table that I link to the main Dogs table using the ID's Most fields indexed. Whenever the...
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    Adding Criteria to a Calculated Expression in a query dramatically slows performance

    Thanks for your reply, not easy to post a copy, data is private'ish and not easy replace enough of it with dummy, also a linked table. I tried a nested query & just as bad but perhaps goes back to the root query to refresh What is weird is I removed all the date range criteria so it had to go...
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    Adding Criteria to a Calculated Expression in a query dramatically slows performance

    I have a query that runs normally in a fraction of a second. One of the (many) fields is DaysWaiting: Date()-DateValue(FirstBookedDogs([ID])) Admittedly quite complicated but when run, say returns 10 records in 1/4 of a second. So all the DaysWaiting numbers are show instantly so I assume...
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    Add index to existing table - is it auto indexed

    Hi, I am adding index's to a few fields in a tables that already exists & has done so for a long time, perhaps 5000 records They are date fields, few questions. 1) Is the existing data automatically indexed once I change the setting in the table, I only say as when I added them & closed the...
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    VBA to download email from account

    Hi, Expensive option now it seems & quite complex but I have software from https://www.chilkatsoft.com/. There may be others with similar ActiveX. I am an OK programmer, certainly no expert by a long shot, just copy others & examples. I have it pretty much running a full email program, I do...
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    ONLY 1 of many Win 10 PC crashes on acCmdPaste

    Hi, I think I have found out what is causing the problems Why & why now I am not too sure, perhaps an office update. Thank fully it started error'ing on my main PC giving me much better testing. It is the Office clipboard! I don't use or open, I only ever use Ctrl C & Ctrl P. If I "clear...
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    HTML (RTF) Keep format but remove headings <html> etc

    Hi, I use html & rtf in forms for emailing via access however I create my own emails and then add them in front of the existing incoming email. Problem is the incoming email often has e.g. <!doctype html> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" dir="ltr" lang="en-US"> <head> <title>Test bob...
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    Print pages in reverse order to preview order?

    Hi, Is there an easy ish way to view a report print preview in one order, ie 1 to 10 but when press the print button they come out 10 to 1, basically ready stacked in correct order. I like to view, page view & not report view, 1 to 10etc I also don't want to have toe close & press a different...
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    ONLY 1 of many Win 10 PC crashes on acCmdPaste

    Hi, thanks again for your replies, Had to give up for a while and just make sure I used the other PC's for this function for a time but want to revisit. The client setting were correct to included whole field, Had not changed from previous install. I know things could change from Win 8.1 to...
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    ONLY 1 of many Win 10 PC crashes on acCmdPaste

    Hi, Thanks for your replies, It is exactly the same code over 3 other PC's that has worked for years so really can't see it as coding issue. It is actually runtime but I will load a accdb & compile on that PC, just in case the references somehow got upset during the WIn 10 install, weird thou!
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    ONLY 1 of many Win 10 PC crashes on acCmdPaste

    Hi, I have 3 Windows 10 PC's running the same Access Database Just upgraded the 4th & last PC 8.1 to Windows 10. Upgrade fine, no problems. All other PC's work fine & have done so on the same code for years. This PC whilst old is pretty fast & better that a few laptops on 10. All same latest...
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    Find Duplicate Query asking for parameters for Form

    SOLVED. Whilst typing got me thinking, I tried changing the recordsource to the Query by VBA & it worked Not sure why applyfilter query does not but not going to waste any more time. thanks anyway, I really should have thought of that early on.
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