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Recent content by BlueIshDan

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    Property Problem

    Try it out, its nice on these eyes through longer durations and helps me process what I'm seeing more easily.
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    Property Problem

    Im dumb, I figured it out. There is no return datatype on the gets! I've done this right on many other classes, but for some reason, this one is the one to absorb all of my Monday dumbness! Hahaha
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    Property Problem

    Hello, I am building some classes, and I have run into a problem that I don't understand. The compile errors out on the Private Property Let Description line. If anyone could point out what the problem is, I would be extremely grateful! =] Kindest Regards, Daniel
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    [Sub] CreateDirectories - Approve Or Improve Please

    Thanks again for the guidance! Just came back for the function, thought I'd give a thanks. =]
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    Set field to Null instead of zero length string

    If Len(txtBox.Value & vbNullString) > 0 Then
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    Material Controller - Piping/Mechanical (Oil & Gas/Powe Plant/Petrochem) We kind of have the...

    Material Controller - Piping/Mechanical (Oil & Gas/Powe Plant/Petrochem) We kind of have the same jobs... ish.
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    Design Help Required For: ConvertNumberToDefinition Function

    I have it working, I just was wondering if anyone knew of a formula that would be as minimized as the first function's formula. Rather than looping to the highest known factor of the definition length.
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    Design Help Required For: ConvertNumberToDefinition Function

    Its more or less defining a custom set of characters that hold values with respect to their position in the definition. Which follows the same design as what we use today, its just not commonly thought of in that way. 1 is a character and can contain any value that we think of it containing...
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    Design Help Required For: ConvertNumberToDefinition Function

    This is for all common, and custom base numbering systems. A numbering system can be define by placing each of its characters into a string in order from value 0 to Max. "01" Binary "01234567" Octal "0123456789" Dec "0123456789ABCDEF" Hex "!@#$%^&*()ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP0123456789" Custom
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    Is it worth working?

    You can become a hell of a lot more of a "human being", a dynamic conversation simplified for now, if you choose to tackle life in the environment of the real world. Being pampered by your country's tax money, in my eyes, can be a life limiting experience that stumps and/or limits your growth as...
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    Design Help Required For: ConvertNumberToDefinition Function

    Hello There, Sometime in the past year, I posted a function that converted non-decimal based string values. Like HEX "0123456789ABCDEF" and/or any other numbering definition you can think of. I have recently come across another application that requires a custom format of numbering. Bringing...
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    Syntax error

    You could always make a public function within a module that acts as an interface between VBA and the database engine... Idk what kind of flags that raises for anyone, or if it causes huge performance issues, but yeah...
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    How to create .HTMLBody tables for Outlook Email

    Also to save room, you may be able to use this within your header tags: .HTMLBody = "<HTML><head><style> th, td { text-align: left;}</style></head><BODY STYLE=......" etc
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    How to create .HTMLBody tables for Outlook Email

    try <th style="text-align: left;"> Some html parsers don't like when you don't finish with ;
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    Help wanted, relations between tables

    Without having the time to look through your previous suggestions. I noticed that you're attaching linking primary-keys to primary-keys. Be sure to create a foreign key within a table when trying to relate to another table. [ID] is a commonly accepted naming convention for a foreign key in a...
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