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  1. boblarson

    This time goodbye is for good

    I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone here and some may miss this because it is in the Watercooler but I think it is best here. I am now on a different journey. I am deeply involved in SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) at work and am not likely going to be doing any Access development work...
  2. boblarson

    Access ODBC Drivers - 32 bit and 64 bit

    I have been running 32 bit Office on Windows 7 64 bit for many years now. 64 bit drivers can, and are, on my machine. The problem you may be facing is trying to use the wrong drivers from the wrong location. The question should really be given to the maker of the CNC program (if they have a...
  3. boblarson

    Exclude object from Read Only?

    You can do it in several ways. One I like to do is to set each control's Enabled property to NO in design view and then enable based on role. Put in the TAG property of the control the levels you want to have be able to edit data in that control like this - If I wanted to let everyone have...
  4. boblarson

    DSUM syntax

    Actually, I goofed. It should be this: DoCmd.RunSQL "Update TEST_TNS Set Total_Net_Sales = Nz([Total_Net_Sales],0) + " & DSum("Total_Net_Sales","TEST_TNS","[Division] =" & Chr(34) & "Common" & Chr(34)) & _ " Where Division IN ('MC','AK')"
  5. boblarson

    Access 2010 BrowseTo shows only ONE record

    You need to use this method instead: http://www.baldyweb.com/Bookmark.htm The way you are currently doing it is filtering for a specific record so that is the one that is returned.
  6. boblarson

    DSUM syntax

    DoCmd.RunSQL "Update TEST_TNS Set Total_Net_Sales = Nz([Total_Net_Sales],0) + DSum('Total_Net_Sales','TEST_TNS','[Division] ='" & Chr(34) & "Common" & Chr(34) & ") " & _ " Where Division IN ('MC','AK')"
  7. boblarson

    MsAccess 2010 throught CITRIX

    You need to have each user have their own copy of the frontend. We solved that by making the published app icon actually be a command batch file. It then makes a copy of the frontend to the server they are on in a temp folder for them and then it opens the front end. Here's a copy of our...
  8. boblarson

    Access Memo Field copy with VBA to Excel truncates at 255 characters

    I have found that in some instances I have to export using VBA and do it record by record instead of CopyFromRecordset.
  9. boblarson

    Update SQL tables

    And are you using functions within the queries?
  10. boblarson

    ADO any opinions?

    ADO has its place and DAO has its place. ADO is great when you are using a SQL Server as the backend. DAO works quite well in most instances for internal Access operations or between Office apps. At least that's how I do it. As for your error, I posted the answer. You need to use the...
  11. boblarson

    File already in use. Not really!

    I think it is what you are using for the connection. If you are connecting to the database where your code is located, the code should be: Set cnADO = CurrentProject.Connection
  12. boblarson

    Count if function in query help

    MyCounts:Sum(IIf([amount] >=10, 1, 0)) + Sum(IIf([amount] = 100, 1, 0)) You don't use quotes for the >=10 or = 100. And won't the count of >=10 AND adding count of =100 double count?
  13. boblarson

    Variable Problem in VBA

    Re: Varibale Problem in VBA I, personally, use the Chr(34) method because I find that it helps me keep straight what quotes are needed for the strings and which quotes are needed to be quotes. For me it is an easier thing visually to work out. For others perhaps that visual aspect isn't as...
  14. boblarson

    Variable Problem in VBA

    Re: Varibale Problem in VBA Or if you don't want to type so many quotes: StrWhere = "Job_ID = " & Chr(34) & Me.cboJobID & Chr(34) & " AND AMonth = " & Chr(34) & Me.cboMonths & Chr(34) And Mihail - you missed the AND.
  15. boblarson

    backend path syntax in intranet

    Get rid of the part below in red. Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Invoiceyr", dbOpenTable) So like this Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Invoiceyr") From the help file:
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