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    Help on error '2455'

    In any event, using VBA to filter a subreport from the main report does not render consistent results. What would work, consistently, in reference to the example provided by @3gustavo, would be to have the main report RecordSource query refer to Forms![ID Form]![Person ID] as a criterion, and...
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    Help on error '2455'

    Ahh, yes, the OnLoad event works for this as well (subject to the same PrintPreview bug, but there you have it).
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    Help on error '2455'

    True, it does generate the error from PrintPreview, but it shouldn't from Print (at least, it doesn't for me).
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    Help on error '2455'

    You can not perform filter operations on a subreport from the main report's OnOpen event, as it has not yet been instantiated in the Microsoft Access workspace. You need to do this from the main report's OnActivate event, like the following example (substitute MySubformName with the actual...
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    I dont know if this is true or a joke

    Unfortunately, here in the USA, there are times when flashing one's car headlights IS used as an aggressive gesture. A prime example is a car on the freeway, moving like a jackrabbit, zipping between the other cars, and the driver of the car will tailgate a car directly in front of him/her and...
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    Hello, @arnelgp, Thank you for the reference to my code (wow, that was a long time ago!) I have since simplified it to the following: Public Function Ceiling(ByVal number As Double, ByVal significance As Double) As Double Ceiling = Int(number / -significance) * -significance End Function...
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    Further Adventures in SQL Append query Syntax

    Try changing: "SELECT p1, SELECT p2;" "SELECT p1, p2;"
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    bearer token

    You will need to change: req.getResponseHeader "Authorization", "Bearer " & mToken req.SetRequestHeader "Authorization", "Bearer " & mToken
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    IF ChildNode EXIST?

    ...and maybe get the ball bearings sharpened, yes?
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    Have you ever had an "Easter egg" in your app?

    I wrote an Engineering Change Management application that would allow for integration of various CAD application bill-of-material data with the company's MRP system. For those users who love to double-click everything, including buttons, I incorporated an Easter egg that would, after so many...
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    What's your best/worst joke?

    A new supermarket opened in Tampa, Florida... It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain. When you pass the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and you experience the scent of fresh mowed...
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    Web service ask for windows credentials

    There is one code error that I can see right away. Try changing: oHTTP.setRequestHeader "Authorization", "Basic" & cadena oHTTP.setRequestHeader "Authorization", "Basic " & cadena (note the space after the word Basic)
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    Finding substring in text field with a specific format

    There is no built-in Access-VBA function for this of which I am aware, but since you say you are comfortable using VBA, you could try something like: Public Function MyFunction(ByVal strArg As String) As String Dim lPos As Long strArg = " " & strArg & " " For lPos = 1 To...
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    Store data in multicolumn listbox from a text file

    You might check the value of myArray(i) at the point that the error is triggered. If the element contains no text, this means that the code is trying to parse an empty line at that position in the input text file. For example, a file with: Field1,Field2 1,One 2,Two 4,Four ...will fail on...
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    Strange problem with Access ADODB connection to SQL Server

    To identify possible causes, we would first have to know which library(ies) you had to remove from the references. Care to share more details?
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