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    What's your best/worst joke?

    The trainee aircraft pilot had as his final test the object of flying a tin a paint to a destination following a complicated route. I can report that the trainee passed with flying colors.
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    from MS Access using VBA I want to make a copy of an existing sheet and give the new sheet a specific name

    I also use macro recording and customize. Then set a stop point in your code and step through to check that your code is doing what you want.
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    Need Joke

    Pope visits US. Has a limo allocated with a black female driver. Pope wants to go on a road trip, and decides he wants to drive, they swap places. Highway patrol pulls over the limo for going too fast. Looks at the driver, then the passenger. Immediately contacts station sergeant saying he...
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    Need Joke

    Embelish this. Floods, minister is on the roof, dinghy comes by and offers to take the minister who says "God will save me" and turns down the offer, similarly with an emergency services boat, then a chopper. All the time water is rising and when the inevitable happens, the minister asks God...
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    CP/M Alive and Well!!

    And SuperStar which I think was the spreadsheet equivalent is said to have brought the PC to the business world out of the typing pools.
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    How can i do for see to Label caption change

    I've never had to use Repaint after a label caption change. But you are right on a belts and braces basis.
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    Storing pdf in Access database

    Unless you are certain that the number of images will never be more than a handfull, store and load a link to the file which is stored outside Access. Otherwise you will find your accdb growing too much.
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    How can i do for see to Label caption change

    Me.Repaint is not necessary
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    The Covid cure has arrived!

    I think for all of us it's not if but when. I've had a couple of close calls. In March I was in a car with 4 others - one of them was diagnosed with Covid 3 days later. Even closer was last month when I travelled interstate to go to a lunch with my brother. At the lunch he went off to the...
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    Range Variable is it possible ?

    Why variables? Hold the range values in a lookup table.
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    What's your best/worst joke?

    My grandson who is 12 is coming up to his birthday. I'll ask him the old chestnut about what did Cinderella turn into after 12 and expect the answer of pumpkin. And I'll say no, a teenager.
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    British Prime Minister

    The Tory MPs will elect a new Parliamentary leader and that person will become PM. From what I've read, there is no outstanding person and this may lead to a time of instability in the Tories as there is a jostling for power.
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    British Prime Minister

    Looks like BoJo is about to stand down, although he might continue in a care taker role in the interim. Better someone British comment on the Tories prospects for the next election. But they have been remarkably quiet on this topic so far. Maybe too polite to comment on their own politics...
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    British Prime Minister

    In the UK government system, as with Commonwealth countries (Australia, New Zealand), the country is divided into electorates of approximately equal size of voters. Whoever gets the majority of votes in each electorate wins. The political party which has won the most number of electorates...
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    Record validation

    You could have at least prepared an input form . Why do you include 300M and 600M in your table NewEvent when they are not catered for? And this table should be Events. I earn my living from developing Access systems. I don't mind helping to solve problems but you've just banged something...
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