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Recent content by Cronk

  1. Cronk

    Solved Insert into hanging

    If the field name is called Billing/Attorney, put square brackets around ie [Billing/Attorney]
  2. Cronk


    To record the logon name of the person on the PC on which the edit was made Me.Modified=Now() Me.UserName = environ("UserName")
  3. Cronk

    Subform for selecting multiple Employees to Associate with Project

    I wonder why the people who are external have to have a separate table rather than being in the same table as Staff, with an additional field to indicate Staff or External.
  4. Cronk

    Display last Record based on person

    And all the work around solutions are all propping up "It's the current way they do it on the spreadsheet". Combining two or more bits of information (eg initials of a person and a sequential number) to get a unique number is moving away from normalization.
  5. Cronk

    Compare number of columns in Imported table from CSV with target table if are the same

    If the import file is not linked, then the suggestion in #3 won't work. Another method is to read the first line of the csv file and compare it to a string of the concatenated field names of the target table. This way provides a check on correspondence in the number of fields, the order of...
  6. Cronk

    Copy record from from to a table

    Also debug your code to remove the compile errors ie missing With
  7. Cronk

    Date into field after cursor leaves

    That should also test that text box is blank otherwise the event will update the date to the current date whenever the field exit occurs in the future. if len(Me.ControlName & "") <1 then Me.ControlName = Date()
  8. Cronk

    Solved Accdb: Error Number List (see isladogs)

    I'm curious. Any reason why ? error (3211) Application-defined or object-defined error give a different, albeit less explicit, response than that listed in your table of error codes? The database engine could not lock table '|' because it is already in use by another person or process.
  9. Cronk

    Search table using calculated field.

    I still cannot see any point in generating a serial number just to generate a unique index when combined with the date. The example provided by arnelgp shows the use of an autonumber unique index. Would you do a search on that calculated unique number rather than a search by customer name or...
  10. Cronk

    Multi Contractors on One Bill of Lading

    Classic many to many relationship situation. One example here One table for bills of lading, one table for contractors and a third which has the BoL index and the contractor index.
  11. Cronk

    Search table using calculated field.

    I'm having trouble envisaging why you would need to know who was the fifteenth customer on a particular day. Or is this a way to generate a unique customer key? Just about everybody would use an autonumber as key index. If you do need to know the order of customers, record date and time in a...
  12. Cronk

    Updating the front end on local server

    Firstly, make a copy of the database if you don't have backup copies already. Then Compact/repair the database. That will probably fix the problem. If not, split the tables out by creating an empty db, import the tables into it. Then delete the tables from the FE and then link to the tables...
  13. Cronk

    Working from home with an access database over VPN

    You could add sql server backend and pass through queries.
  14. Cronk

    Solved Change name of Form instance in tabs

    I've used multiple instances of a form in situations where the user is working on one record, and either gets a query on another record or needs to work on two or more records in parallel. Use hWnd to maintain the forms collection, but after changing the forms' captions to something meaningful...
  15. Cronk

    How to step through a table one record at a time

    Maybe the OP cannot define the selection criteria for a query and wants to make the selection by "eyeball". In that case, I'd provide a multi select list box to select the records for printing labels.
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