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  • I am rather sorry to bother you via PM... However, you posted the only relative information to my question. And I was hoping you could help me out.

    Your post about Sorting Complex Alpha-Numeric Strings is the only one i can find that deals at all with using leading-0's. I have been searching for 3 days looking for other solutions, and your appears to be the best alternative. If I could only figure out how to get it to work for me.

    I am trying to sort a listbox on a form. The catch is that it is filled with both numeric and alphanumeric text. All values are text generated from a dynamic range pulled from multiple Excel worksheets. I have already come up with code to get my listbox to not show duplicates. I would prefer not having to transfer my list to a worksheet before sorting it. So I have been messing with SEVERAL different sorting methods, and your method with Leading-0's appears to be the most accurate way.

    Would you be willing to help me incorporate your code into a sort method I can use on a Form? I can send you an example of code I am using to sort it, if it would help. However, it probably doesn't matter because, I have attempted using at least a dozen different sorting codes.
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