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    42 is not a particularly significant number mathematically. However some numbers are very special, especially those that are integers and 42 just missed two them. 41, from Euler's prime generating polynomial, and 43, which is one of the eight Heegner numbers 1, 2, 3, 7, 11, 19, 43, 67, 163...
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    A Never Ending Question

    I often leave our Toshiba All-in-one desktop on for days at a time. It has power saving features and uses very little power when not doing anything. Doesn't register as a load on the Tesla battery app.
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    Find and Replace

    Not quite. The percent is an escape character. What follows it defines the character %20 designates a space.
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    Is there a global search in Access

    V-tools Total Deep Search works really well.
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    Solved Pass variables between forms

    It isn't the unhandled exception per se that causes it to lose the value. Pressing End in the break dialog will reset the project as will pressing Reset (the red square button in the editor) if you go through to the Debug. Click debug then drag the execution cursor (yellow arrow in left margin)...
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    Solved Pass variables between forms

    Variables only lose their value only when the VBA project is reset. Unfortunately there is a persistent myth that they lose their values in an unhandled exception. I think their introduction was also about making VBA variables available in queries. Of course this can also be done with a...
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    the ""io"" phenomenon

    On the internet, io is the top level domain for British Indian Ocean and is a popular place to register domains when they don't want to be associated with a particular country. tv (for Tuvalu) was also popular at one stage for obvious reasons. In software io...
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    ADO Connection producing run time Error 3001 arguments are of wrong type

    Or define the enumerated value for the name. I included a module in the apps where I use ADO where I declare all the enumerations.
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    Backend choice

    This page offers perspectives on why one might be chosen over the other of the two. The main thing that stood out for me was the greater compliance PostGre has with SQL standards. I work at an MS SQL Server site so I don't have an opinion on the others.
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    Windows 10 and Email - a rant

    Firefox is virtually irrelevant, only having about 4% of the browser market. Most developers don't even bother to test their websites on it. There have been dozens of security vulnerabilities in version after version of Firefox.
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    Solved Pass variables between forms

    A Public variable on a form is available as a member of the object so, provided you declare it Public, any form can simply refer to the variable on your form as: formSearchEquip.EquipId This way the variable is available with the value you gave it without any further code such as would be...
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    Solved Pass variables between forms

    Using TempVars for something like you describe is like using a sledge hammer to crack a peanut. TempVars is a special collection that has scope across the whole project and database allowing them to be set in VBA and used in queries. They persist until the application is closed, even after a...
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    How to pass parameter from Access pass-through to SQL stored procedure

    An Access Pass Through Query cannot take parameters. You need to use VBA to edit the SQL property of the querydef.
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    Solved Table Valued Function returning wrong results/empty record set

    To link the output of a TVF to Access, simply call the function in a PassThroughQuery which can then be used in other queries just like a linked table. SELECT * FROM yourTVF(parameters) Parameters can be changed by editing the SQL property of the querydef.
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    What is your most memorable event / experience that will stay with you forever?

    DMT (one of the main psychoactive alkaloids in Ayahuasca) is found in several species of Acacia. Talking animals and plants, angels etc. Any reasonable assessment would conclude they were reporting hallucinations.
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