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    VBA alternative

    Ejecting VBA because it can do damage is like cutting off an arm cure a broken fingernail. Any kind of code is a threat. Where I work we block anything that isn't known about by a central permissions system. Any executable code needs to be signed or fingerprinted and whitelisted. VBA Code...
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    IIF with LIKE in an unbound text box

    Sounds like you are faced with working around badly structured data. Pat is probably on the mark. My answer earlier was based entirely on reading these two lines.
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    IIF with LIKE in an unbound text box

    Count will give the same answer to 1 or 0. Try Sum()
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    Bicycle tire advice?

    For mixed on and off road use on a mountain bike, a "hard pack" tyre is good. They are designed for compacted gravel. My favourite on my 26 inch unicycle is the Maxxis DTH 26 x 2.15. Very light weight especially the foldable bead model. (This has a kevlar thread instead of wire for the bead so...
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    Bicycle tire advice?

    575 is the Effective Rim Diameter in millimetres. It is normal "26 inch" tyre. This is the 26 inch with decimal width. There is a rare ancient type that uses fractional inch widths that is very different and won't fit your rims. The width of the tyre (the 2.0) should be between 1.4 and two...
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    How to add a module to a form when you use the create form method

    A database that requires design mode at runtime is a flawed design. I suggest you post back describing the structure of your tables as your post is ringing normalization alarms.
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    Named Parameter Problem

    The wildcard character for ADO is the percent sign (%) .
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    Form Component Naming Prefix

    You hit the nail on the head there. It is largely a fetish, particularly among Access developers. Some get really obsessed with it. It is also popular in Visual Basic but it is rare in other languages. It was popularised in Access as slightly different flavours by Greg Reddick and Stan...
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    How to strip back account numbers

    If you don't care about leading zeroes and just want the numerals at the beginning: Val(fieldname) Two catches. If the numerals are immediately followed by "e" and some more numerals it will be treated as exponential notation. Val("123E45xyz") = 1.23E+47 Numbers over 2^31 -1 (2147483647) will...
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    Module to open ADO connection at apps start

    Basically create a user defined function in a Standard Module and return the Connection Object. I've done it using a class with a Private Collection (or Dictionary) of connections presented as members of the class. (I used to have two servers at the time before I linked them and ultimately...
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    You probably just need to get the Sage ODBC driver for the upgraded version.
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    BE tables to SQL Soon.

    I am the dba where I am employed. (And a network admin too.) Small shop with big resources. It is like heaven since they put on a network admin specialist and let me focus on the databases. The incredibly fine granular permissions on SQL Server means is easy to give a login quite considerable...
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    BE tables to SQL Soon.

    Beg them for a login to the server and try to get as many rights as you can for your database. Get what you can and try to get more later. I recommend you research database roles so you can negotiate with them with some understanding of what you are talking about. It is a complex subject that...
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    Examples of using Domain login to control user access

    Any group system that doesn't allow a user to be in multiple groups is lame.
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    The fastest way to import over 2000 csv files

    Yet another advantage of using SQL Server where disabling and rebuilding indexes is a simple routine process.
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