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    Highway Star

    A little about this 13 years old Indonesian drummer:
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    Highway Star

    If you love Highway Star as much as I do, and you enjoy listening and watching Drums, this one may entertain you for 5 minutes. I really liked 2:55 ~ 310 and the ending.
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    Solved Moving tables with their relationship

    Thanks again. It can be a chance to learn more. I'll check the contents of the tables you mentioned and will ask google to help. I'll be back to you if I have more questions. Thanks again.
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    Solved Moving tables with their relationship

    No I didn't. I just checked and found the query tab. I must have been blind all these years. Million thanks. I might have put a lot of time on what it could be copied easily.
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    Using FolderExist from Scripting.FileSystemObject

    Not that it's a better method, but I read somewhere Dir can be preferable in some cases. Because it's native to VBA. It can also accept wildcards (* ?) and can check file or folder attributes. I can't find the page at the moment. I may be wrong though. Edit: I couldn't find the page. But I...
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    What's your best/worst joke?

    @The_Doc_Man @conception_native_0123 Are these stories true? There was a story about a lawsuit In 1992. Stella, then 79, spilled a cup of McDonald’s coffee onto her own lap, burning herself. A New Mexico jury awarded her $2.9 million in damages, But it wasn't the whole story. Ever since stories...
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    Solved Moving tables with their relationship

    I have a very old copy of the accdb. Using the existing forms and recreating other forms and queries will do. It's a small & private database and doesn't worth spending money on it. Top two weeks will take me back to where I was. Thanks for the advice though.
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    show name in a combo box but store id

    Is it Arabic office relation window?
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    Solved Moving tables with their relationship

    Million thanks. I was drag & dropping between databases. Never thought of the import wizard. I really appreciate your help
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    Solved Moving tables with their relationship

    They don't. I've tested it several times. Thanks.
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    Solved Moving tables with their relationship

    I don't have the original accdb. Unfortunately a hard disk crash wiped off a lot of files. I'm trying to recreate and split the database. The target accdb is not the original file, but an empty one. Thanks for helping.
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    Solved Moving tables with their relationship

    Is it possible to copy all tables from an accde file to an accdb without loosing the relationships between tables? I can recreate the relationships in target file, but if there's a way to copy tables with their relationship, it would be a great help. Unfortunately the database is not split and...
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    I don't see anyone not reliable here.
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    What is the cheapest way to get the Ms Access installed on our system?

    What most (some?) users don't know is that you can install and activate Office 365 on any number of PCs you like. 10, 20 , ....... But you can only use 5 of them at the same time. Install and activation is not limited to 5 PCs. While using your license at the same time is limited to only 5 Pcs.
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    First event of a Database

    It was exactly how I tested which event is fired first. I added a msgbox to Autexec and another one to On_Open of the form. On_Open of the form was first. Then I had the message from Autoexec . I'll try your last suggestion (using a blank database) as soon as I'm back to my desk. It's 2AM and I...
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