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    Unwanted space on the top of report

    HI pro, Is there any way that I can delete the space on the top of report? Pls check photo, the space that is marked with red colour Thanks
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    Vba. Get series number based on Invoice number

    Thanks for ur reply but combo box is not what I am looking for. I would like to use dlookup + the code or a function that can return the record count. I can solve the dlookup function but I dont know the function that to return the record count once the Invoice found
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    Vba. Get series number based on Invoice number

    Hi all, Please help me with the problem: I have a total of 1000 Invoive No: IV001, IV00A, etc I have a textbox which allows me to enter Invoice no and another ones to show the result I want to make a button, when I click on the button, it will find the Invoice no. which I entered and show the...
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    Go to record by entering Invoice value

    Dear all, I have a set of record of Invoice: IV001, IV003, IV00A,etc. I would like to design a textbox in the Invoice form, when I enter the invoice value, I will go to that Invoice and enable me to edit. Please help me with vba code Thanks all
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