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    The Northwind 2 Project

    I would probably choose the same if I had the same task.
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    The Northwind 2 Project

    I should say that with my naming conventrion the number part is only a prefix a textual word description comes after my prefix... so for example t001users - anyway only personal preference. I do have to write queries against a massive oracle database at work and it can be really difficult to...
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    The Northwind 2 Project

    Its a great project and I even come across Northwind in SQL Server examples - Naming convention seems perfectly fine to me.. One thing which seems quite personal to me which might be of interest- I usually prefix my table descriptions with incremental reference t001 t002 etc.... going forward...
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    SQL to create sub records - Divide liquid volume into sub volumes

    So I have started implementing this specifically for my case which is for a whisky distillery splitting whisky into bottles. As a first step I went through Arnel's and CJs code and just made sure I understood it. I just thought I would document it here so others can follow more easily as well as...
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    Web Development

    Hi guys I've actually updated some details on PHPRunner which is a personal favourite web application code generator that I use. Its basically MS Access for the web - a CRUD Web application Creation tool that connects to MySQL / Oracle / MS Access / Postgres and SQL Server. I've used it against...
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    The Many to Many Evolution

    I think we might be going round in circles here. You could argue that a 1-1 relationship is the most common relationship and is the core of what a tuple is defined as. We just rarely model it specifically because it is covered by putting all the attributes in the same table and therefore...
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    SQL to create sub records - Divide liquid volume into sub volumes

    Big thanks guys right on the money.
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    Is downloaded software unethical?

    I think the best position is to try and give something back if at all possible. Even for open source... At the end of the day if it adds value for you the value should be proporational to the value you get from it... Yes we are often forced into situations especially in markets that lack...
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    SQL to create sub records - Divide liquid volume into sub volumes

    OK started thinking about this.. First issue I've thought of is that I need to deal with decimals rather than integers. I guess I can multiply out to remove the decimals I thought that there might be a remainder issue as well but I don't think there will be because I am not dividing by a...
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    SQL to create sub records - Divide liquid volume into sub volumes

    Thank you that looks like the solution
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    SQL to create sub records - Divide liquid volume into sub volumes

    Dear All Looking for TSQL appropriate for SQL Azure. I have a need to create sub records on a table by calculating a split of a volume. I probably haven't explained that very well but if you see the example below it might be clearer. Essentially I have casks and I want to split them into...
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    Database Design for Liquid Inventory Management System

    Dear All - I thought I had posted this already but can't seem to find it. That's what happens when you are a bit rusty. Hope everyone is well. Looking to see if anyone can point me in the direction of a good skeletal design of a inventory management system for liquid aclohol management system...
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    Video: Migrate from MS Access to Zoho Creator

    I believe it is creating a web UI and the backend remains in whatever it was before. This is an established pattern for code generators. This has the advantage that you may be able to access the data either by Access or Zoho Creator.
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    Is Access the right solution?

    If someone uses a tool that improves what they are doing over what they did before it is a benefit. The fact that it is sloppy or you would have implemented a better option may not be as relevant because you cannot be there to implement that solution. People critisize MS Access for the same...
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