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    IIF AND Multiple

    Hi, I'm attempting to categorise my data using nested IIf AND functions in query design but it's not working. Can anyone help? Priority: IIf([ColumnA] = "*abc*","P1",IIf(([ColumnA]="*def*") And ([ColumnB] Is Not Null),"P2"),IIf(([ColumnA]="*def*") And ([ColumnB] is null, “P3")
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    Question Access 2010 database problems with expanding size

    Hi, I have recently converted an mdb database to an accdb database. I am using Access 2010. My database is a split database and it contains a lot of data, the back end is normally about 50MB and the front end is normally about 10MB. We have about 30 users accessing the database at any one time...
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    Viewing users of a database

    Thank you so much for replying so quickly. I'm an amateur when it comes to this sort of thing can you put it in idiot's terms for me?:confused: I understood the following, please can you let me know if I've got it right or what I'm missing? I create a new table and call it 'Logs'? I create the...
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    Viewing users of a database

    Hello, I used to have a handy tool called LDB Viewer or something like that with which I could see who is using my database. Now I've upgraded to MS 2010 is there a way to do the same? Thanks for your help
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