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    Finding duplicates based on a bound text box entry

    I'd like it to show the duplicates, so I can see if I have dealt with it before.
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    Finding duplicates based on a bound text box entry

    Hi folks, looking for help on what may be a simple matter...... I have a text box called "Serial" that is bound to a table called "Enforcement1". I would like to place a list box, or similar, next to the "Serial" box on the form, that will show any duplicates it finds in the "Enforcement1"...
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    Solved Text box requires completion after check box ticked

    Afternoon all, Would someone be able to guide me on the type of code I would need to ensure a text box is not left blank when someone ticks a check box? I have a check box called "complete" and once this is ticked I need the user to complete a box called "NAFN" before the form can be closed...
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    Open a map

    Found this example and changed it accordingly. It was primarily one for a postcode entry but it works a treat.
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    Search within form based on text box data

    Is it possible? Is it daft? I have a text box in a form (linked to a table) called RegistrationNumber. This registration may be in other records too; therefore, is it possible to allow the form to display matches when the text box is completed? I am thinking a small box showing the ID of other...
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    Open a map

    Thank you all for your help. Sorted and works a treat! (y)
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    Open a map

    Learning newbie here..... still I have a text box called 'address'. In it goes the full UK address of an individual. I know I can create a button to open a web browser to show Google Maps, however; how can I get that OnClick button to open a map based on the address details in the 'Address'...
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    Help with searching matching forms

    Afternoon all! I'll try and ask/explain as best as I can......... Is there a way to have a small section on a form that shows matching completed forms to certain details being entered in the current form? For example if I were to enter a serial number into the section it will automatically...
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    Hello everyone.....

    Hello all! After my first post I thought I should say hello.... I am relatively new to Access and have learnt a reasonable amount through trial and error and certainly from this site!! My main use for Access is the recording enforcement activities in Nottingham City. The previous program I...
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    Case Sensitive

    Awesome!! Thanks that is great thank you!!
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    Case Sensitive

    Morning all, I think I may be struggling with such a feeble task. I have a text box within a form and I would like to make it case sensitive, i.e nottingham city become Nottingham City if entered incorrectly. Is this a simple thing to fix? Thanks in advance Marcus
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