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    Help with query for school project please!

    I was thinking about three queries: 1) Assign student a 'null' value for RoomID if GraduationDate <= Date() 2) Then I need a query that assigns the recently unallocated room to the first student on the waiting list 3) Then the final query would assign null values to ApplicationDate and...
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    Help with query for school project please!

    Thanks for the response, I don't need to update it necessarily, i just need a way to assign students a room based on availability. When a student GraduationDate=TodaysDate, I need a query to assign their room to the next student on the waiting list. I am at a loss at how to do this. Thanks
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    Help with query for school project please!

    Hello, could anyone help me with a query for my school project? The database represents the campus housing, and I need help with a query that assigns students to newly available rooms, and then updates the waiting list. Once a Student graduates(indicated by GraduationDate), he/she will be...
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    Keyboard for cell phone

    hello everyone, just saying hi
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    iPhone, is it worthit?

    hello everyone, just saying hi
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    You guys, Do you cheer on any team in the Premier League?

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    Couch or Gym?

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    Healthy Eyes

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    Tips for loosing weight..

    thanks for the tips, and remember to exercise!~
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    Tips for height increase

    pelvic swing has always worked for me
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    9 Tips For Easy Weight Loss

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    Song and Band names

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    New Member here

    Hello everyone, i am in the latter stages of a database class in college, and hope to learn a lot more here than i have in class. I will try to read as many stickys as possible before posting. Thank you!
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