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    Import rows and columns from excel

    Sorry no Each spreedsheet had different data once it was added in would have been messy sorting it out thanks mick
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    Import rows and columns from excel

    Didn't know I could do that very interestings but, no As I said I needed to add data which had to be done during the import as in this case I had just under 10,000 entries from 330 spredsheets I got it working as it was a one off I'm not worring about the code as it worked lol. Many thanks mick
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    Import rows and columns from excel

    I've found a workaround It seems its only looping through the rows fro the number of columns so changed the code as I only want th last 25 rows Sub AllExcelFilesInFolder() Dim wb As Workbook Dim myPath As String Dim myFile As String, StrExtShort As String Dim myExtension As String Dim R As...
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    Import rows and columns from excel

    Just noticed I had this in wrong place i = 77 but still only getting 6 rows
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    Import rows and columns from excel

    I have 330 excel sheets I need to import rows 77-101 and columm A,B,F,G,H I have it working upto a point IE. It wont move to next excel row. I have to do it with the code below as I will be adding a date to each entry in db which is part of the filename which is not a problem. Sub...
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    Query To Count Levels

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    Query To Count Levels

    I do remember getting an answer to this a few years but can't find the post as at the time didn't need to use as had a code solution but am starting something new an would like to use the query. I have a totals query that returns Total 5 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 This would normally give an output like...
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    The Covid cure has arrived!

    I just had the pfizer jab now I'm waiting to see it turns me into a normal human being
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    Hello everyone from Iraq

    Hi Shamal Welcome Aboard!
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    Colour Output for forums

    last test thanks Adam Ant - What's Going On Alison Moyet - Love Resurrection Andra Day - Rise Up Big Brother and The Holding Company - Piece Of My Heart Billy Ocean - Red Light Spells Danger Billy Squier - On Your Own Bonnie Tyler - Faster Than the Speed of Night Bonnie Tyler - Here She Comes...
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    Colour Output for forums

    I'm working on a posting system for Apollo I have it working on my forums And vBulletin but needed to test with Xenforo I.E. this site lol The output below seems to work just like VBulletin wich is good for me lol Test list from 21/12/2020 design version data Adam Ant - What's Going On Alison...
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    Solved Listbox Vertical Slider issues

    Thanks It's one of the styles from my style manager and all the buttons where custom built for me
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    Coding for 50+ years

    Hi welcome aboard
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    What is this...?

    Your supposed to lay flat on your back waving your arms up and down while opening and closing your legs.
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    Controlling Unauthorized Distribution of Database

    My System allows them to register there copy but doesn't force them too.
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