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Recent content by Minty

  1. Minty

    Assist requested. Providing a Query with criteria from a field on a form.

    This suggests that the missing query parameter is mistyped with regard to what you think it should be (presumably it's a reference to the form control?)
  2. Minty

    Slow Search on Subform

    I guess we should be asking what the issue is that required you to use a subform? Is the subform linked to the main form in any way?
  3. Minty

    Data disappearing from report.

    What happens if you simply (temporarily) comment out that code? Whilst I can't see why it would be causing a problem either, start at the simple end of the trail.
  4. Minty

    Sebseb538 introduction

    Hi Seb, and welcome aboard AWF!
  5. Minty

    Fill in table fields automatically from dropdown

    You shouldn't (and can't) do what you want directly in a table. Tables are for storing data, not interacting with. Stick with your form. As well as redundant data an Age field is meaningless as it is only correct at the time of data entry. Age should be calculated from the date of birth and...
  6. Minty

    Add Working Days, excluding We & hols. Function is mixing dd/mm

    I found the best way was to actually dive in with a specific task in mind. The real secret to success with a new thing like VBA is to break it down into very small steps. So if you need to manoeuvre something around (like a time/date) do the basics in a query, use the QBE editor to select a...
  7. Minty

    Slow Search on Subform

    By adding the wildcard to the beginning of your search string you are rendering the Index on either field useless. Do you have to search in that way? Try it by removing the first wild card and I bet it speeds up considerably.
  8. Minty

    Just saying hello

    Welcome to AWF Javier!
  9. Minty

    Spurious 'SELECT [Id] FROM [Table]'

    That's a really interesting find, thank you for posting back about it. I've only had limited use of GUID fields, so not experienced the issue.
  10. Minty

    Spllited Database risk over LAN Network challenge ,please how to Secure?

    I think it would be easier to let the users only use the database with a touch screen.
  11. Minty

    Fitness Tips in this time of Pandemic

    @Jon Buy a set of clubs and join in. It's definitely the most frustrating hobby I have ever had.
  12. Minty

    Access Running Slowly

    I wouldn't worry. On a Friday it will only be someones recipes for the weekend :eek:
  13. Minty

    Solved Remove Time Stamp From Table Field

    You have spaces in your field names, which is not a good idea. Welcome to bracket city, where you get to do extra typing for lots of no extra reward... ;) Update [Outcome Master] SET [Appointment Date] = DateValue([Appointment Date])
  14. Minty

    Solved Remove Time Stamp From Table Field

    Formatting the data does not change it, merely how you see it displayed. If you really do want to delete the time information rather than simply querying it in the right fashion to get the results you want than as @jdraw suggested you will have to run a one-time update query. Update YourTable...
  15. Minty

    Access Running Slowly

    From your description, I would suspect a network issue, above anything else, unless something has happened to increase the number of records by a factor of 10 or more. Network traffic or more importantly a network "storm" can and will cause massive problems. Something somewhere might have ended...
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