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    Query results horizontally for single line export to Excel

    You won't easily get that result layout into an Access query. It's probably easier to Pivot/Transpose it in Excel, if you fancied a bit of a challenge you could probably automate the process completely from Access.
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    Query Criteria with If-Then to return all records

    Just to revisit this, although @arnelgp solution is an elegant one - you needed to put the criteria in exactly as I described, the other criteria shouldn't affect it if it entered correctly. If you are using the query designer window put all the other criteria in first then add this one last. It...
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    Search is down

    @Jon yup defo gone all wonky again. 13.44 UK time
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    Combo Box woes

    Have a look at @isladogs postcode app thingy. It has a similar number of records and reduces it down to a few combo's - not sure of the technique used though. Linky
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    Emailing Multiple Invoices As Attachments To Different Email Addresses

    The really simple way would need to pull in the other reports at the same time but ensure they had a different file name and a different variable name strFileName, strFileName2 , strFileName3 etc then in the Outlook code simply add them to the same email. .Attachments.Add strFileName...
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    Query Criteria with If-Then to return all records

    It isn't confusing - the logic of the solution is possibly confusing you. In your query (as a test) put criteria in the contractor ID of 1=1 and see what you get back. That is what this bit [Forms]![Report Form]![ContractorIDX] = 1 is evaluating to when you select "All"
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    Solved Using recordset match to set TempVars

    If you brought the division in with the employee detail in the login form in the combo (hidden if necessary) it would be readily available from that, without needing to look it up anywhere?
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    Query Criteria with If-Then to return all records

    Ah - okay frequently someone uses a union query to generate the All in a combo, so it's easier to accommodate. I've not tried this but try [Forms]![Report Form]![ContractorIDX] or [Forms]![Report Form]![ContractorIDX] = 1 As the second part of the clause will evaluate to true, causing all...
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    Query Criteria with If-Then to return all records

    If you remove the All or make the ID it returns null then you simply need [Forms]![Report Form]![ContractorIDX] or [Forms]![Report Form]![ContractorIDX] is Null And it will return all the values. This will also work if you simply don't set anything as a value in the combo(leave it blank)
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    Delay in MS Access Response

    Make sure that your O365 is also bang up to date, and you don't have any pending or failed updates.
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    Solved Adding files using ADODB.Stream to SQL BLOB - varbinary(max) doesn't work - same code used to work OK for both SQL and Oracle BEs

    Hi Vlad, we have switched over to ODBC Driver 17, for nearly all our projects as it seems much more robust. I have an image upload routine somewhere - let me find it and try it, the code looks very similar.
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    Database Design

    We use Azure as a back-end to Access front ends frequently and with a good level of success. As long as a majority of the users are local (i.e. the same country/ geographic region) as the Azure location it works very effectively with a suitably designed front end. With a self-hosted SQL server...
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    Filtering On A Continuous Form

    In the Table designer - there is a caption property try that one.
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    Data not importing from .xlsx file

    Shouldn't this strExcelPath = FilePath Be strExcelPath = Me.FilePath
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    Filtering On A Continuous Form

    Have you investigated the caption property in the table design, I believe that overrides the field name on a datasheet form?
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