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    How you find duplicates but only just for the first 12 characters in a cell?

    The first twelve characters of a field will be returned using (in a query) MyFirst12Chars: Left([YourVeryLongFieldNameWithSpaces],12) So use that as the comparison and grouping field.
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    export filter data in selected fields to excel

    @Kavithathanikanti - You do realise this is a 17 year old thread?
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    Solved PNG Logo in Generated PDF not Printing Clear

    If you use the following, generally speaking, the output is a lot better quality DoCmd.OutputTo acReport, sRepName, acFormatPDF, sFullPath, , , , acExportQualityPrint
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    Quick query about Azure

    Just to expand, Azure is a cloud-based managed service provided by Microsoft, I'm not aware of any method of connecting to it "directly" without WAN access.
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    DLookUp - Syntax

    Could it be that Well_ID is a Number? Not a text field?
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    Grabbing XML field

    I use this routine to resue a pass-through to Azure Public Sub sSendToPT_Generic(strQuery As String, bRetRecs As Boolean) Dim db As DAO.Database Dim qDef As QueryDef Set db = CurrentDb() Set qDef = db.QueryDefs("qPT_Generic") qDef.Connect =...
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    Grabbing XML field

    Pass through from Excel: But I thought there was a better way to handle XML data in Access but am struggling to find what I am looking for?
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    Solved Build Query With Single/Double Quotes Potentially In Free Text Field

    Correct It's effectively simply stored in memory, then deleted once the procedure is run.
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    Solved Build Query With Single/Double Quotes Potentially In Free Text Field

    The best way is to use a parameterised query. This post demonstrates a simple way to set it up
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    Really struggling with cleaning this excel data when imported to Access

    @templeowls I also provided an answer in the crossposted thread, yet you haven't acknowledged that or @bastanu contributions here? Both of the answers provided gave you what you needed.
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    Dropdown selection over button

    Altering a value in VBA doesn't trigger any events associated with that control. If it did it would be very easy to get things stuck in a loop where control A updated Control B which updated control A etc. etc. You can however call the event if it's made public, generally speaking though, this...
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    Special Sort

    Finally, we are getting a proper description with some rules to determine the sort order. I'm not sure you can do this in one query, I think you will need to load the runners into a recordset, then loop through them and add them to another recordset, adding the heat numbers based on the number...
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    Data Entry not working as Intended

    Set the subform to data entry = true then, no filters or anything else required? Every time the parent record change it will reset the subform to a blank new line record, or at least it should do.
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    Join 2 controls

    It's because it is long text I susupect. Access doesn't play well with long text (Memo) fields.
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    Solved Mass Update Calculated fields

    That is a calculated field in a table. You can't update it as it is will be based on other fields in that table. Normally - that field would be [FirstName] & " " & [LastName]
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