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  • Hello can anyone help me with the error 31550 in access?? i don't know what to do to import a xml file that has a few rows in blank. Please help me
    thanks for your reply to my post normalisation with a twist. i have tried several times to post replies but they dont show up.
    Hi MSAccessRookie
    Help required..
    I have used SSMA to migrate Access97 tables to sql server2005 and link them. After I have migrated the access97 front end containing forms has become much slower in executing queries. Can you suggest some tips to make it faster.. Any help is appreciated.

    Hi, Thankyou for the offer of help, much appreciated. The db zipped is 1.34MB and I cannot attach to the forum. Do you have a workaround, i.e. another e-mail address that I can send to that will allow over 1MB? Many thanks
    hi MSAccessRookie

    can you help me

    I have a form which contains multiple checkboxes and a button. On clicking the button i would like to query the information that matches the checked boxes only from a single table.

    How can i do this taking into consideration the unchecked ones?

    Any advice/references greatly appreciated
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