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    IT Help(less) Desk

    Worst part about it was "Radar Love" was on the radio and the breakdown was just about to start. Hell, I almost declined the call...
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    IT Help(less) Desk

    Friday afternoon, approx 1645 I receive a phone call from the help-desk while I am driving my granddaughter home. Friendly young man starts to ask me questions that were asked by the Tier I folks. Since I was driving I could not read them off to him so I had to ask him to consult the comments...
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    Welcome aboard!
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    IT Help(less) Desk

    This is what we have, only now with an Azure environment. Everything is a little slower but not to the point of annoyance...yet....
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    IT Help(less) Desk

    Bureaucratic inefficiency at its finest. Luckily for us, they need our permission to close out ANY ticket so I refuse permission until my issue is resolved. Works for now until they decide they dont need our permission. Nukin Futs...
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    Access vs SQL Server Express

    As long as the DBA gave you read only access, it should not matter. The juice is definitely worth the squeeze.
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    IT Help(less) Desk

    Gotta love US Gov IT. You place a trouble call, get a ticket, wait a week and the first communique you receive is an email asking you "has the issue been resolved?" It took all I had not to respond "Gee, I dont know...did you FIX it?!?" I understand that a there is a reason for asking but it...
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    Is there a contemporary match for this Book?

    If migrating from Access to SQL Server is your goal, you may find this video useful.
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    Buffalo Shooter

    Wasn't aware of this until just now...
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    Knowing the name of the current sub in code

    MarkK, Although I know the terminology (Call Stack, faux stack trace), I had to copy your code and then set a breakpoint to get a full better understanding of how it works. It was pretty slick to see it "bubbling up" all the way to the calling Sub.
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    Statistical Analysis Software., AKA SAS

    "They" offered us "space" in lieu of an SQL instance. I did find the connection strings needed but I couldn't see anything definitive as far as Pass-Thru queries, Views and Stored Procedures, which is real reason I want to migrate the BE from SharePoint.
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    Statistical Analysis Software., AKA SAS

    Can they be used like SQL Server tables?
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    Statistical Analysis Software., AKA SAS

    Does anyone have any experience with using SAS as a BE? There are only 3 threads on this forum and they are quite old...
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