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    Prompt User for a Custom Report Name and add it to the report before opening

    You could add the custom name box on the form as an unbound ontrol. Use the OpenArgs argument to pass the value to the report. In the Open event of the report, set the value to what is in OpenArgs: Me.txtCustomReportName = Me.OpenArgs Don't use prompts. Use formfields to collect the...
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    Recall combo box from a text box

    You're welcome:)
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    Solved Form to show totals using dCount with multliple criteria

    Hope you don't have to add a new facility or a new event type.
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    Query for reports

    You're welcome:)
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    DB Management, Switchboard

    I'm sure I learned that when I learned to drive but back then, there was actual "service" at a service station and young men always happy to check my oil and top it off. There were lots of years in between and although at some level, I did know how a dip stick worked, It just never occurred to...
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    Update Front End

    That is actually the point. There are a couple of advantages 1. The FE files are not very large so the time to download them on a LAN is miniscule. Using Citrix or RD, there is no download so the LAN lag isn't a problem. The file is copied from one directory/drive to another on the same...
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    Undo changes in sub form

    We don't recommend deleting records once they are created but sometimes you want to do it with rules and xo CJ is explaining how you can leave the data in the database but just not see it on the form. I think in this case, deleting wouldn't be awful so if you want to actually delete the row...
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    Open a new database from inside access

    Isn't your SharePoint data backed up by the IT people? You might want to ask them about the procedure to get stuff back.
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    Query for reports

    Do whatever you want. If you use a single report bound t a query that joins to the two child tables, you have to be very careful with what you are summing if either of the two higher levels has an amount field the sum, you will be multiplying that sum by the number of child records. I use...
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    A Question Of Design

    Here's two pictures that might give you some ideas. The intermediate list is a subform in DS view. It is not updateable (you really don't want your validation code in multiple places). But it can be filtered further. The EMS number (first column) is formatted to look like a hyperlinkso the...
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    Office 2021 Release Date (Rumors) - Any changes with Access?

    I disagree. Programmers should not be DBA's. That makes it a little hard to develop Access apps with ODBC BE's but not impossible. For any of my larger clients, I wouldn't ever be given access to the production database and for many of them, I wouldn't even be given access to the test...
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    The Covid cure has arrived!

    Why are you afraid of "cases". The more people that test positive and don't even get sick from it, the leas deadly COVID is. People get tested for a lot of reasons, not just because they have symptoms. You should probably be worried more about the number of hospitalizations and deaths. Also...
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    Democrats: Break America to Re-Make America

    Watch who you're calling a Republican.
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    Election Do-Over!!!

    Although Trump did go to a military prep school. That's where he learned about the Art of War and the Prince and those lessons drove the talking heads crazy because they had no idea where the tactics came from. Starting with, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. They were...
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    Duplicate Values

    Here's where you find it. At this point, I would clean up first. There is the same option when you have a form in design mode and I think that converts ALL the embedded macros in that one form. For individually created macros, you need to convert them one at a time. If you try this, do it in...
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