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Recent content by pekajo

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    Auto Outlook send

    Hi, I need to send a number of outlook emails but each email get 'Deny Allow' message. Is there a way to avoid this message? my code With olMail .To = CEmail .Subject = vs1 .Body = mm .Attachments.Add "G:\Login Email Instructions.pdf" .Send End With Regards Peter
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    Remove LF or CR from end of line.

    Did a ASC check as above and found it was a 160 and according to Google its 'ASCII 160 (non-breaking space), whatever that is'!!!
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    Remove LF or CR from end of line.

    Hi, There is something at the end of my fields (but only some so I cannot use mid ()) and it's not a space as was thinking it maybe a LF and/or CR. Can anyone tell me how to remove LF or CR from end of line with vba. Thanks Peter
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    Move down row od text

    Hi, My issue is this. I get a long email from IT saying they have setup a new email user in the format: Name: Peter Jones UserName: pJones Password: ytrrunnsdge Emailaddress: Peter@jhsdfjkjkf.com.au I need to exctract as variables" Row 1 "Peter" Row 2 "pJones" Row 3 "ytrrunnsdge" Row 4...
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    Move down row od text

    Hi, How do you move down a text box on a form that looks like. ASCjkhjkhc ghgshjg hjjkhkjkjkhh jhhjhjhjkhkhj ghghgkjhjk and I need to move down each row and extract data. Also how do you find the end of the row so I can use the mid() function. Thanks Peter
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    VBA DoCmd.SendObject

    Can someone give me the vba code to send a pdf file that is on my drive to email address. Currently have below for just sending emails. DoCmd.SendObject , acSendNoObject, , strEmailAddress, , , "Welcome to the Outreach!", mm, True but not to sure on attaching a pdf as an attachment. Thanks Peter
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    Alpha in string

    Hi, Sorry I forgot to mention that this is imported data from an excel spreadsheet not entered on access. After I wrote this post I thought I may try multiplying the field by 1 then use on error fix it. PS Thanks for all the quick responses.
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    Alpha in string

    Hi, I have had a strange request for a database I am writing. We have a string field for a phone number so we can keep the '0' at the beginning of a mobile number. However some people are adding land lines with words such as 'ext' etc. My question can I search for alpha in an alpha string so I...
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    Import excel format

    Thanks all for your help. I have fixed it at the source.
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    Locate edit and update record.

    Hi, Can you help. I currently have two tables one that I need to update and has 4000 records and another table with 60 records that has data I need to update the first table. I currently loop thu the first table and dlookup on the second and if found update the record. To do this I need to loop...
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    Import excel format

    Hi, I have an issue with the DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport command. One of the import fields is a phone number which has all kinds of numbers such as 03 87698076, N/A, as well as mobile 6756434546 (majority). It appears it read the data as numeric and drops all data that is not numeric or...
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    Read fiirst line excel spreadsheet.

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. Your idea is a good one will test tomorrow. Off the 15 fields only 5 are required for massaging the data. I can check these 5 fields to see if they have been changed. Of all the other fields only 6-7 are required for display purposes. Peter
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    Read fiirst line excel spreadsheet.

    Hi, Once I wrote this I had an idea that worked. Import the spreadsheet and read the table field names from there. Peter
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    Read fiirst line excel spreadsheet.

    Hi, I have an issue where I need to import an excel sheet and then query the table. However they keep changing the headings of the spreadsheet and I then need to change my vba code. I was thinking if I could read the first line of the spreadsheet (which has the field names), then use this...
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    SQL Driver for MS Access

    Thanks for your help.
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