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    Change YesNo Value in field in Tbl1 based on value in control an active form bound to Tbl2

    1. Use CODE tags when posting code, not screenshots. People can't copy and paste and edit your code otherwise and we will be able to see the entirety of your code as well. 2. You're doing a lot of stuff for no effect. Let's just focus on Form_AfterUpdate(). You declare strYesNo, you set it...
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    Change YesNo Value in field in Tbl1 based on value in control an active form bound to Tbl2

    You're missing a table. I have no idea what all those numeric fields named after numbers are for, but I do know they shouldn't be in TourT. Tables shouldn't accomodate data horizontally (with more columns\fields) they should accomodate data vertically (with more records\rows). All that...
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    Daily, hourly and monthly average.

    Can you provide sample data? Two sets of data please: A. Starting date from your table(s). Include table and field names and enough data to cover all cases. B. Expected results of A. Show us what data you expect your query to generate when you feed it the data from A. Again, 2 sets of...
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    Solved Copy the Primary Key [ID] and Place It In a Different Control in Same Form

    Not to play captain hindsight, but a little planning and a little post-migration work could have made moving your database a virtually painless experience. You should have created [OldID] fields in every table of the old database, duplicated the [ID] values into [OldID], moved the data, then...
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    Sum days_month_years

    Thinking about this more I see some points of failure: If TotalDays >= 60 it will still only add just 1 month to TotalMonths If TotalMonths >= 24 it will still only add just 1 year to FinalYears Instead of testing if over 30/12 you should divide them by 30/12 and add the integer part of that...
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    Sum days_month_years

    I really question the structure of your table. But here's what you need: FinalDays: TotalDays Mod 31 FinalMonths: (TotalMonths + iif(TotalDays>30, 1, 0)) Mod 12 FinalYears: TotalYears + iif((TotalMonths + iif(TotalDays>30, 1, 0)>11, 1, 0)) Your field names hurt my teeth so I used my...
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    Multi Field Selection

    Agree with Gasman and would like to expand. Now, I'm sure those aren't your field names, but whenever you feel the need to numerate your field names (Equipment1, Equipment2, Equipment3, etc.) or suffix your field name with a type (Equipment_Football, Equipment_Golf, Equipment_Soccer, etc) its...
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    Filter and export multiple reports by same field with loop ability

    Divide and conquer. One of the main errors I see on this site is somebody trying to do 6 hard things all at once and they have no idea which specific hard thing is the cause of their problem. So break this down into parts and tackle each part seperately and then bring them all together...
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    Opening Access - NEED HELP!

    Problem solved.
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    Opening Access - NEED HELP!

    Do you have a shared network drive? Something you all map to and have read/write access on?
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    create a field in a table

    Data storage and data display are two different things. If you always want 'PC' to appear before a field you can make a query and use this field: PCID: 'PC' & [YourIDField] Then when you need the PCID in a form or report you can reference that query and field. You can also directly do it in...
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    create a field in a table

    Yes, but why? Why not just prefix 'PC' onto the record's autonumber? Another method is to create a numeric field in your table, use DMAX ( to retrieve the highest number and then add one to it for the next record.
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    At a crossroad and clueless

    Tables -> Reports -> Forms That's how you should develop in Access. Make sure you have the correct tables to accomodate your data, then make sure you can get the data out of those tables in the manner you need with reports, then build forms to get data into your tables. No sense building...
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    Solved Running sum of query, report with opening and Closing balance

    First you need to fix your table structure. 1. Debits and Credits should be in the same field--[Amount]. Then you either simply use positive (for credits) or negative (for debits) numbers in that field. Or you could also add another field [Type] where you could store whether it is a credit...
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    Hop do I format the contents of a bookmark in certain documents with access

    I'm confused where this upper casing is to take place. We are in the VBA forum, but you mention upper casing a field like it might be taking place in a query. And then its unclear if only some records need to have the field upper cased and others not. So my shot in the dark is that you need...
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