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    Query Combo Box

    in the AFTERUPDATE event of the combo, put that column value into a hidden text box. Then the query can read the textbox. 'in VB , columns begin with zero, so column 2 is: cboBox.column(1) sub cboBox_Afterupdate() txtBox = cboBox.column(1) end sub query: select * from table where...
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    Update and Save Main form from another form

    do you want to save data or requery? 1 saving data is automatic. Use can leave the record or the form and data saves. also the command: DoCmd.RunCommand (acCmdSaveRecord) will save the record. 2. if this code is in '"Import Material"' form, it wont run since the form got closed ,thus no...
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    How to avoid ms error message "You can't go to a specified record"

    docmd.setwarnings false on error resume next
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    What is the cheapest way to get the Ms Access installed on our system?

    Beta? Access has been around for 30 years. No beta needed anymore.
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    Copy multiple data from Cbobox to Textbox

    the query behind the combo box should have 3 columns the combo property: column count= 3, either hide them or show them. (via columnwidths) then in the AFTERUPDATE of the combo, fill the text boxes. Note: in VB, columns begin with zero sub cboBox_Afterupdate() txtID = cboBox.column(0)...
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    How you find duplicates but only just for the first 12 characters in a cell?

    make a query with MINTY's field, say Q1, then use the query wizard, to make FIND DUPLICATES QUERY, choose Q1 as the source. voila!
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    Image not printing out on reports sometimes

    There is also a bug using Win64 & Access32 on some PC's, SOMETIMES the image will show, others it wont. Usu re-installing Paint will solve it.
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    Data replacing each other - form based on query

    set the form's textbox property: rowSource = tblStatus (the list to pick from) controlSource = (the field to save the status In the current record), ...StatusName (if I understand you)
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    How to use a SQL SELECT statement with Access VBA

    Version 2 would be to use DLOOKUP to fill the text box. txtDescr= Dlookup(“description”,”table”,”[id]=“ & cboBox) no need to use sql.
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    How to use a SQL SELECT statement with Access VBA

    You don’t need sql. Use a combo box Connected to that table. set the combo property to have 3 columns. in the combo AFTERUPDATE event, load the 3rd column (Note, in vb , columns begin with zero) txtDescr= cboBox.column(2). that’s the only line of code you need.
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    "The Text is too long to be edited"

    DO NOT build IFs in sql. build a table (a lookup table) with these codes. Join the table to your data and this will convert them for you without using IF.
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    MailMerge: Display Email before Send (wdSendToEmail)

    comment out SEND and use DISPLAY: .Display True 'show user but dont send yet '.Send 'send now
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    Button to open form and filter

    don't use filter, so put 3 commas for the where: DoCmd.OpenForm "Clinic_Response", , , " [Item Code] = '" & Me.[Item Code1] & "' and [Clinics_Location] = " & Me.Location_Code
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    update query with multiple criterias

    run 2 queries. don't cost nuthin.
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    Runtime Error 3075 Debug stops on DoCmd.RunSQL SQL

    run it as a query. Access will show you the errors. then use: docmd.openquery "qsMyQueryName" building error free sql takes too much time.
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