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  • Hey speakers,

    Not sure why the download fails but if you use a download manager, it downloads a treat.




    I'm not going to see my code appear in your aphrodite am I? That would be seriously unfair to me ;)
    Hello Speaker_86
    I downloaded Aphrodite V2.0 But is not working.
    I already have Enabled all Macros Security
    no worries, speakers_86... after i had a really bad experience with an abusive partner i am a lot better at recognising psychopaths and also i tend not to take crap from anyone anymore. and i hate it when people are rude, even when it's not directed towards me. it's cudo's to you also for not taking whats-is-name's comments personally ;)
    Hi Could you please zip the databases and put it on line please. I can not download your databases.

    Raghu Prabhu
    Can you give me some indication at to the name of the samples awaiting moderation please.
    Cannot see any reason why you cannot see your threads. Your profile is ok. Can you actually create a new thread or edit an existing one?
    Thank you for your comments. I'll post what, when and where I like.

    Now go on back to your Florida and watch the rounders game.
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