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    Question in regards to form -> record source

    The problem seems to be on the qryOrderDetails When i tried to enable the Total to have the Sum function, it doesn't allow me to add new orders when creating new order. I have to disable the Sum Function in order for the qryOrderDetails to work. Ok i think i do the other way round. First user...
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    Question in regards to form -> record source

    Hi, i'm pretty new so i have found one template which works out what i need. The problem i'm facing is something which i'm not sure how to fix it. 1) I have a main form which is called the frm_Order and this form is tagged to a query; qryOrder which consists of two tables; tbl_Order &...
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    New Learning material

    Thanks for sharing :)
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    Best way to prevent multiple postings

    Thanks a lot for the sample of the database on the Dharamsala Tea. What if i have another variable besides the category? Like incorporate Color say Dharamsala Tea, it comes with Black and Brown colors and i want to differentiate them.. So when i want to find out what's my over all inventory on...
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    New to everything!

    Hope to learn more from the experts here. Thanks. I know this is just the beginning of many great things. The toughest thing in life is always making the very first step and out of one's comfort zone.
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    New to everything!

    Hi Everyone, i'm ssian and in my mid-thirties. Was working for a huge MNC for over 8years. Good thing about working for big MNC is that, systems were already in place and anything to improve the process and workflow, things would be done by other experts from other fields like programmers and...
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