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  • aym,

    you shouldn't be posting messages on users' profile pages asking for help. you already posted some messages to profile pages under visitor messages: https://www.access-programmers.co.uk...r.php?u=144960

    and on mine: https://www.access-programmers.co.uk...itor_messaging

    you need to ask your question in the "forms" forum on this website, here: https://www.access-programmers.co.uk...isplay.php?f=9

    go there and follow this process:

    > click "new thread"
    > fill in your message and title
    > to upload a database, click "manage attachments" and follow the instructions. note the size limits for the many file types that are listed.

    if you do this, there are many people that will help you besides me.
    Hello good morning sir

    Please sir I need your help, i design a database in MS access for a pharmaceutical shop. These are the field I have in my form
    a. Name of drugs (in combo)
    b. Quantity
    c. Unit price
    d. Total
    e. Grand Total
    Sir, if a customer bought more than one drugs how do i add more field in my form to add more?
    *Name of drugs *Quantity *Unit Price *Total
    1. Panadol 2 30 60

    Name of drug = Panadol
    Quantity= 2
    Unit price = 30
    Total = 60

    Please how do I add more Drug Name, Quantity, Unit price and Total either by clicking on a button. Thanks for your usual assistance
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