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    How should I start this - Inspection Database

    Thanks for the info everyone. I read that Wikipedia article and the chapter on Normalization Data that Minty posted. I still seem to be scratching my head understanding how I can start this. I will go back and re read the information posted here and try follow the tutorial on Jdraws post...
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    What's the best/worst video game of all time?

    Best: AOE 2
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    Creating a website

    This. Wordpress + Themeforest
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    how can i advertise my locksmith business at low cost

    Yelp and post tutorials on youtube
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    Surface Pro 4

    Yeah you're right. I'm actually curious how they will refresh the line up in spring.
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    Routers Suck

    I'd would have recommend an apple Airport router but they have been discontinued. It looks like eero routers would be a good replacement.
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    Surface Pro 4

    Hi does anyone have this device? I'm considering get eh m3 model with 4GB of ram. I'm concerned about the performance with 4GB of ram. Unfortunately the ram isn't up-gradable.
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    Touch pad malfunctions after reset pc

    Check the manufacturer for the touch pad in device manager. If is from synaptics you might be able to get a universal driver from their site.
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    Anyone using Microsoft Edge?

    I like Edge now since you can add extensions. I only use the Ublock origin extension. Plus saving to Onenote is nice.
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    How should I start this - Inspection Database

    Hi I would like to create Inspection Checklist database. A form will be displayed with fields that the user can enter information. If what the user inputs is causing an item to fail and another form with more questions should popup to determine what failed. My question is how would I go by...
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    I'm new to the Access world and I would like to learn more about it.
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