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    How to determine who is logged on my database?

    I have been using this code for quite a while, now it doesn't work. I get an error saying that the object or provider is not capable of performing the operation, and highlights: Set rs = cn.OpenSchema(adSchemaProviderSpecific, _ , "{947bb102-5d43-11d1-bdbf-00c04fb92675}") Any suggestions?
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    OldValue of a ComboBox non-bound field

    Audit rail combobox-"OldText", not OldValue needed. Did you ever find a solution to this? I am dealing with the same issue.
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    DLookup in a query

    I am generating new metrics based on the ones in the original tables, but all of them, original and genrated are reported on, month over month. I can create a majority of the new ones in just one query, whereas when I use the 'normalized' version, it requires me to create each new metric in a...
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    DLookup in a query

    Well, because of the way I am calculating metrics, ratios, etc in my Capacity db, having each metric as a separate column works great, as the number of queries I would need to do my calculations would be astonomical(we looked into it prior to building). So, since I need my metrics as a value in...
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    DLookup in a query

    Not looking for anyone to build it for me, but would you have some suggestions on how I would start a function like that? I haven't really done too much with creating functions.
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    DLookup in a query

    Here is the screenshot Hopefully this screenshot will help anyone understand it a bit better.
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    DLookup in a query

    Hopefully this screenshot will help anyone understand it a bit better.
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    DLookup in a query

    That might work, but it would require alot of manual changes should new metrics be added to the field list. I was hoping to have the query just lookup whatever metric found in Allocation_Metric as a field name in sqry_Actuals_Total. Currently, it does bring back a value from the ADA...
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    DLookup in a query

    The field [Allocation_Metric] contains values, which are field names. When the query runs, it needs to lookup the field name in [Allocation_Metric] and find that field in the sqry_Actuals_Totals query and retun the value in that field, based on the [ActualsID] found in the first column of the...
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    DLookup in a query

    I have looked through various posts, but can't seem to find the scenario I am dealing with. I have an expense dtabase I am building. It links to a Capacity dB that contains all of our metrics, such as # of delinquent accounts, # of workable accounts, # calls made, etc. In the expense dB, I...
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    Someone has hacked the forum :(

    The only area I can seem to access threads is the new posts page. Is the page with the list of areas gone?
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    Running Sum Query to create Graph / Chart

    Crosstab won't recognize 'a' table Jon, I used your SQL to get my cummulative numbers (work great, thanks!), however, I now have a problem generating a crosstab query on the results. It says it won't recognize 'a.ForecastMonth'. Even after entering this into the Parameters statement, it...
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    Select Multiple criteria for query on a form

    I was searching through here looking for a solution to the following problem: I am building a Capacity database for work. The requirements require that users be able to sort by numerous criteria (Forecast Date, Portfolio, Market, Bucket, Month), all from a simple form that will spit out the...
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    Receiving runtime error

    THANK YOU!!!!! This fixed a problem I was having...this is the greatest forum in the whole world!
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    DAvg in Dynamic Crosstab report footer

    I'm still fairly new to VBA and this is the frist time I have tried to do a dynamic crosstab report(got it from a microsoft link in another thread). What I am looking to do is create an 'Actuals/Forecast' report, with a 12 month Avg and Totals at the end of each row and a group avg and total...
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