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    The Living & The Dead

    Thanks for the leads and suggestions! I worked out most of the problems, but now have an issue with a query where I used two instances of the 'Contacts' table. Visually it represented these as Contacts and Contacts_1, and I was able to make the joins and got all the data working when I...
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    The Living & The Dead

    Thanks - starting to wrap my head around this - The contact list also contains donors that are not members, but I can sort that by having a y/n member field. The challenge is that there could be several contacts attached to one of the deceased, and each living member could be a contact for...
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    The Living & The Dead

    I am coming back to DB design after almost 20 years away and have a challenging conundrum. For our Temple, we have a long contact list. Some contacts are alive, others have passed on. We have a Columbarium where people buy niches when alive and designate whose ashes are to be kept there. Often...
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    Volunteer Programmer

    HI I'm a photo teacher but do a lot of tech support for friends and community organizations. Took on a DB project as a favour and challenge while in home quarantine.... as I have time not needing to take the kids to soccer....
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