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Forum: Modules & VBA Yesterday, 10:13 AM
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Posted By Gasman
Re: How to Set Temporary Value

I tend to use the format

TrempVars("temVarLaboratory") = [LaboratoryID]

but you do noy need a Tempvar here and could justuse the [LaboratoryID] directly

Forum: Forms 11-26-2019, 01:28 AM
Replies: 8
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Posted By June7
Re: Inserting more items in a form

Have you built a form?

Textboxes can have expressions to do calculations.

This is really basic Access functionality. Have you studied an introductory tutorial book?
Forum: Forms 11-23-2019, 02:56 AM
Replies: 14
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Posted By Gasman
Re: SEESAW Form?

That link shows two options. One with a class and one with just a form.
If I was creating such forms, I think I'd go with the class?.
All the hard work has been done for you, and you need...
Forum: Forms 11-15-2019, 10:17 PM
Replies: 20
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Posted By Micron
Re: Time picker

I threw something together in an hour and 15 minutes. Could have been quicker but clicking on unbound textboxes did some wonky things with the time formats as the textboxes gained/lost focus. Had to...
Forum: Forms 11-06-2019, 01:04 AM
Replies: 17
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Posted By Cliff67
Re: Calendar View Form

Hi MajP
This is the result of the modifications. I have different colours for the different things and I only colour the day for a received Tech Support call or Issue of RMA. I'm not interested in...
Forum: Politics & Current Events 10-11-2019, 12:15 PM
Replies: 624
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Posted By Vassago
Re: NASA Study Indicates Antarctica is Gaining More Ice Than It's Losing -

The things that people suggest for reducing human causation in climate change also reduce negative environmental impacts in the long run. Regardless of personal position on climate change and the...
Forum: Politics & Current Events 10-09-2019, 04:19 PM
Replies: 624
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Posted By Mike375
Re: NASA Study Indicates Antarctica is Gaining More Ice Than It's Losing -

The ones in Australia are the same.

At the last election a woman who is your tpical lefty climate changer won the seat and her platform was all climate change. She was also backed by a big money...
Forum: Politics & Current Events 10-09-2019, 02:58 PM
Replies: 624
Views: 31,795
Posted By Mike375
Re: NASA Study Indicates Antarctica is Gaining More Ice Than It's Losing -

We niw have the kids that are Extinction Rebellion protesters:D They block all the traffic in Sydney and other cities laying on the road. Some glue themselves to the road.

Last night on TV they...
Forum: Politics & Current Events 10-07-2019, 06:09 PM
Replies: 624
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Posted By Steve R.
Re: NASA Study Indicates Antarctica is Gaining More Ice Than It's Losing -

While this this does not have a direct relation to claims of global warming, it does relate in that it shows that science can be subverted by incessant politically correct thinking.

Woke Math In...
Forum: Modules & VBA 09-27-2019, 03:16 AM
Replies: 24
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Posted By CJ_London
Re: Multi select records in a shared back end database

glad you got it sorted. When naming fields it is s good design principle to always name your fields in the context of the whole app, not just the table. So ID as a name is relevant to the table, but...
Forum: Forms 09-22-2019, 06:56 AM
Replies: 14
Views: 321
Posted By Micron
Re: Field too small error on combo box

I for one will have to bow out. You've been asked twice to post a db copy. If you cannot, you could at least have the courtesy to respond to such suggestions so that we're not repeatedly asking for...
Forum: Modules & VBA 09-13-2019, 05:14 PM
Replies: 12
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Posted By Pat Hartman
Re: Can't move subform to next record

This whole thread mystifies me. Forms are the way humans interact with data. Code should be using action queries or recordsets rather than automating forms.
Forum: Modules & VBA 08-08-2019, 06:45 AM
Replies: 25
Views: 470
Posted By The_Doc_Man
Re: Cannot Open anymore databases

What the static-variable DB pointer accomplishes, when compared to repeatedly just invoking CurrentDB directly in code, relates to the fact that CurrentDB consumes memory, almost certainly on the...
Forum: Modules & VBA 07-12-2019, 05:41 AM
Replies: 14
Views: 398
Posted By plog
Re: Can it be done??

Even though you are determined to do this the wrong way, I'll try and explain myself better and then leave this thread (no promises on the many other threads you will be opening to maintain and get...
Forum: Queries 04-25-2019, 12:58 PM
Replies: 84
Views: 1,229
Posted By Gasman
Re: How it Work function Rnd()?

Well it works for my UK settings.

However if I change to estonian settings, it does not obey the format?

? "#" & Format(thedate, "mm/dd/yyyy") & "#"
Forum: Theory and practice of database design 04-24-2019, 04:57 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 494
Posted By theDBguy
Re: Front End Deployment of Split Database in a small enviornment

Hi. I agree, this would be a very bad idea. Shared front ends are prone to corruption. Also, depending on your database functionalities, if you're using any temporary objects like tables or have some...
Forum: Politics & Current Events 03-27-2019, 06:12 PM
Replies: 11
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Posted By Mark_
Re: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal"

And here may be the true reason it did not pass...
Forum: Forms 02-07-2019, 02:55 AM
Replies: 15
Views: 250
Posted By Gasman
Re: Delete Command Button Event

You don't learn do you.:banghead:

On numerous occasions, by numerous people you have been advised to put the sql string into a variable and Debug.Print that variable.

That will almost always...
Forum: Modules & VBA 01-26-2019, 02:51 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 186
Posted By sonic8
Re: Font Dialog (64 Bit compatible) or Get List of Fonts


I can confirm that the above code for the Choose-Font-Dialog actually can be converted to run successfully on 64-bit. - If you want to try it again as an exercise, pay particular attention to...
Forum: Modules & VBA 01-09-2019, 10:01 AM
Replies: 26
Views: 762
Posted By pbaldy
Re: Variables instead of controls?

I don't follow it religiously either. I'd say my rule of thumb is to use a variable if I'm going to need the value more than once, use the control directly if just once.
Forum: Forms 01-07-2019, 02:04 PM
Replies: 27
Views: 800
Posted By June7
Re: Calculation Not Working

Maybe you mean:

=Sum([TransactionPrice]*[TransactionQuantity])/Sum([TransactionQuantity]) = 18.99


=Sum([TransactionPrice]*Abs([TransactionQuantity]))/Sum(Abs([TransactionQuantity])) =...
Forum: General 01-07-2019, 11:31 AM
Replies: 22
Views: 774
Posted By Micron
Re: Forms/controls Example

I agree with Me.myControl name. While it was stated that an incorrect reference wouldn't be debugged, I prefer the term "when compiled". Try misnaming a control in code when you use !. Click to...
Forum: Forms 01-03-2019, 06:34 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 240
Posted By isladogs
Re: RGB and HEX Color Codes Chart

Have a look at my colour converter app at http://www.mendipdatasystems.co.uk/colour-converter/4594450413
This converts between HEX, RGB & OLE colours
Forum: General 12-28-2018, 10:26 AM
Replies: 28
Views: 689
Posted By Pat Hartman
Re: Problem coding forms to feed tables

Access is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool. Although you can use it to create your own unbound forms, why??? What do you think is better about writing and testing all your...
Forum: Queries 12-13-2018, 05:36 AM
Replies: 2
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Posted By Minty
Re: Please help!

Have a long read of this

No access database is ever fully 100 % secure.
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