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    Solved Simple Query to divide two fields

    Perhaps something like: FormatNumber(1/70,4)
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    SELECT Query with AND in criteria

    The query will return no records with your criteria because no record have P1 AND P2. Perhaps you need to use OR instead of AND
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    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Checking Data

    I agree entirely with you missingling, which is why I advised the use of the form's BeforeUpdate event in post #5 and #8
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    Bienvenue sur le forum Djeli
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    Checking Data

    First of all, please accept my sincere apologies for not replying sooner as I had promised. I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "it is not working", so I am guessing that after selecting "Yes" in the message box the focus returns to the "AMOUNTs" control but the original figure is not...
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    Checking Data

    So why not use the FORMs Before Update event. I am not at a computer today but will look at your db tomorrow.
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    A Ukulele For A Gent

    Approximately, how many hours work would you expect to be needed to make a guitar?
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    Checking Data

    It does work in the controls Before Update event but you need to remove the "setfocus" line as that is not needed and will throw an error. I think you had the code in the controls AfterUpdate event.
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    Checking Data

    I suspect that it "is not working properly" because you have not put the code in the FORMs BeforeUpdate event as I suggested in my earlier post. Try the attached db:
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    Checking Data

    I don't think that it will work on an existing record if user deletes the amount. Best to test for Null as well as 0, just in case.
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    Let's thank the Mods!

    Totally agree with thanking the Mods Doc, but which one is a "gal" ?
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    Checking Data

    Use the following code in the forms BeForeUpDate event: If (IsNull(Me.AMOUNTs) Or (Me.AMOUNTs = 0)) Then If MsgBox("Did you miss AMOUNT?", vbDefaultButton1 + vbYesNo + vbQuestion) = vbYes Then Me.AMOUNTs.SetFocus Cancel = True End If End If
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    Solved Code to check if field on form is Null

    Put your validation code in the forms Before Update event. If it fails you can cancel the event so the form stays open.
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    Clear contents of texbox in Subform from Main form

    You say that the button "opens" a subform but subforms are usually hidden or made visible. If you are actually opening another form then the code required would be something like: Forms!NameOfForm.textboxName = Null Forms!NameOfForm.Requery
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forum :) May I ask what part of the world is "starting to be spring" now?
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    Cross-posted: Please read:
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    Hi Terry Welcome to the forum :)
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    Announcing the New Super-troll Quarantine User Group

    Well, I for one, have had enough of it. At least for the time being 😱
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    Announcing the New Super-troll Quarantine User Group

    Indeed. Let's hope that that it isn't too sour for some nor too sickly sweet for others.
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