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    Dropbox changed value does not appear in its textbox

    Hi, everyone! I hope that someone of good heart can help me solve this. I developed a platform for a HR company. On it, I give the user the option to add skills to a candidate. And to do that, I have a ComboBox control. Since I need to take actions depending on the keyboard (Return, Esc, Tab...
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    Solved Problem in ADO, with .AddNew to a remote DB

    Hi, everyone! I have a project to share information for a work group over the Internet. To do so, I created a front-end platform in Access 2016 and remotely connected it to a MySQL DB. The connection seams to work fine, since I'm able to read and make updates using the connection. I've been...
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    Solved 3157: ODBC -- update on a linked table '???' failed

    Hi, Masters! I have an MS Access 2016 platform linked to a MySQL database on a server somewhere. My platform is in 32-bit. I implemented Deletions, Creations and both work fine. But when I tried to Update records, it shows error 3157 (shows what's in the title). I have tried to change the...
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    My name is Guidon, and I'm new to this forum. I am developing a platform for a little HR company, based on Access 2016. I hope to be of help, either by the questions I ask, or the solutions. I am by no means an expert, but I'm working on it :) . All the best! G
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