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    What's your best/worst joke?

  2. Cotswold

    What is the cheapest way to get the Ms Access installed on our system?

    @prabha_friend "I haven't asked you to get it free but "cheap". Know the Difference!" Don't lecture me pal.
  3. Cotswold

    What is the cheapest way to get the Ms Access installed on our system?

    This is a strange question from a professional developer and the first time I have heard of a deactivated Access at a developer. If Access is too expensive, then maybe use a cheaper alternative? Libra Office is cheap, Freebasic is cheap, XProFan, Python, PHP etc....all cheap or free. Look on...
  4. Cotswold

    What is new in the new version

    @strive4peace ..... I often also display it on (at least) the main form, and sometimes I just use a label.... Presume that means you have to manually update the Rev Nº on each amendment? I don't want to do anything that software will automatically do for me without my intervention. That...
  5. Cotswold

    What is new in the new version

    As with everyone else I have a hidden table in the FE that holds all of the version update details. As soon as a change is made, however trivial I add an entry to the updates table. If I make two or three a day, or a month, or a year, I add an entry for each so it is a complete diary of changes...
  6. Cotswold

    Solved Hi, Can anyone guide me how to make an accounting database?

    Well Khurramshaikh47 after all of the advice I cannot believe you still want to continue. Maybe get your manager to write the specification? Which he should have done already anyway. How can you create something he needs if he hasn't created a detailed specification? His specification should...
  7. Cotswold

    Solved Hi, Can anyone guide me how to make an accounting database?

    Back in the days before the GUI, when coding was the only way for everything. It was generally accepted that ten man years were about right for a payroll package. What you are attempting is pretty far from a 'simple' payroll package. The advice from TDM and PH is sound, take it. Rest assured...
  8. Cotswold

    What's your best/worst joke?

    Now that the gyms have re-opened I've joined again. They've put in a new machine and I used it for an hour and felt really sick. Brilliant machine, it does everything, Mars Bars, KitKats, Snickers, Crisps, cola drinks, everything....
  9. Cotswold

    Windows 10 slow start up

    Is it just me, or has anyone else experienced major speed issues after installing the numerous recent Microsoft Windows10 updates. Maybe in an attempt to encourage us to upgrade to Windows11? Later last year and earlier this year Windows10 updates appeared to provide a really brisk loading...
  10. Cotswold

    Compact/Repair problem

    There is nothing like losing data to sharpen the mind and create good intentions for the future.:) At the very minimum have Odd and Even days backups. Never just one that you overwrite every day. Then if your data becomes corrupted you won't write it over a good copy with bad data. Swop the...
  11. Cotswold

    The Northwind 2 Project

    On the same tack, I use the # which drives an item to the top of the list out of the way. If it is a test or temporarily not used it has the # prefix. If it subsequently is used I remove the #. I also use the # prefix for filenames in Explorer to flag a temp or can delete file. Anything with...
  12. Cotswold

    Compact Failure 20thFeb22

    I did submit a conclusion to this in December but unfortunately I didn't post it to this feed. The location is : There is no doubt in my mind and from the results of my tests that McAfee caused the...
  13. Cotswold

    What's your best/worst joke?

    It’s very hard to stay healthy these days because everything you eat and drink is bad for you according to some expert. It’s not a question of staying healthy any more, it’s a question of picking out a sickness that you may like. Maybe we should cancel all the experts? Then everything you eat...
  14. Cotswold

    Deactivate the DB after certain days

    One problem with time limited is that the user can adjust the PC clock. So you need other checks in your software to get around them doing that. It will be much easier to use the suggestion by theDBguy, but put in a check to make sure they aren't deleting any using Access itself or by a little...
  15. Cotswold

    database connect to another database

    Some of my systems had two or three BE databases linked to the FE all the time without any problems at all. Access doesn't care which tables it links, or if they are in different databases. One for instance was a BE for skip hire and a BE for quarry and weighbridge operations. Each of these...
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    readiness tool

    Hi arnelgp, Have to ask but are you on another software forum as holzhaker? Same unusual icon used. Just wondering, not important. ( )
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    What's your best/worst joke?

    Over the years I have taken my wife to many places, hundreds of places actually..............but she always finds her way back home
  18. Cotswold

    Tab controls

    Several languages read right to left but I haven't seen any examples on this forum, nor have I, or am I likely to develop in them. Thai does not have spaces and I don't develop in that either. Why confuse the user, when most of them have difficulties in reading the screen anyway?
  19. Cotswold

    Tab controls

    Why would you want to do that? Everyone expects Tabs to start on the left, and we read from left to right.
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    Solved Customers with more than 1 address, select 1 for report

    How about a Query with both Address Tables and the Customer Table? Link each Address Table to the Customer using the CustomerCode and sort as required. You will of course show duplicate Customers, if a Customer has two addresses in one table and three in another, then the Customer will show five...
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