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  1. Minty

    Help with my next step (MySQL?)

    Pretty much any cloud-based DB can be used with a web app. Power Apps I think can also connect with most databases, but some require a premium connector.
  2. Minty

    Creating a tracking notes field in database.

    Remove the single quotes around the UserID and Contact ID , they are numbers not text.
  3. Minty

    Help with my next step (MySQL?)

    You no longer need a BE Access database. You moved the tables to another database engine. Your tables are now stored in SQL/MySQL . This is now your backend.
  4. Minty

    New Access / SQL backend bug - #Deleted showing in Tables

    That's interesting, in both cases these were legacy databases that were converted to SQL backends some time ago and as a result, using the Version 11 Driver. We use version 17 across the board in any more recent developments, and to be honest, almost 100% of the time use an integer Identity PK...
  5. Minty

    New Access / SQL backend bug - #Deleted showing in Tables

    As per this thread here Originally about Oracle, we have now seen this in two Azure BE client databases in the last 2 days, making me think another...
  6. Minty

    Help with my next step (MySQL?)

    An Azure / SQL / MySQL cloud-based back end will work fine, but you need to design your front end to not drag every record over the WAN. Use Pass-Through Queries, Views or Stored procedures to do the heavy lifting. Open forms without any records or only a single record, then use controls to...
  7. Minty

    Export Report to Excel. Columns move position

    HI @MK1999 This is an old one and I can't actually remember the fix, but from reading my reply I would say Yes delete the form controls and put them back again in the order you want.
  8. Minty

    Time for a Trivial Tantrum

    Do you need new Dilithium Crystals?
  9. Minty

    Time for a Trivial Tantrum

    If you move it to another monitor and drop it near the top it does maximise?
  10. Minty

    Office365 - MDB to ACCDB Issue

    @Cherylodge Do you realise this is a 9-month-old thread, and that the solution you posted was suggested at the beginning of the posts? :unsure:
  11. Minty

    How you find duplicates but only just for the first 12 characters in a cell?

    The first twelve characters of a field will be returned using (in a query) MyFirst12Chars: Left([YourVeryLongFieldNameWithSpaces],12) So use that as the comparison and grouping field.
  12. Minty

    export filter data in selected fields to excel

    @Kavithathanikanti - You do realise this is a 17 year old thread?
  13. Minty

    Solved PNG Logo in Generated PDF not Printing Clear

    If you use the following, generally speaking, the output is a lot better quality DoCmd.OutputTo acReport, sRepName, acFormatPDF, sFullPath, , , , acExportQualityPrint
  14. Minty

    Quick query about Azure

    Just to expand, Azure is a cloud-based managed service provided by Microsoft, I'm not aware of any method of connecting to it "directly" without WAN access.
  15. Minty

    DLookUp - Syntax

    Could it be that Well_ID is a Number? Not a text field?
  16. Minty

    Grabbing XML field

    I use this routine to resue a pass-through to Azure Public Sub sSendToPT_Generic(strQuery As String, bRetRecs As Boolean) Dim db As DAO.Database Dim qDef As QueryDef Set db = CurrentDb() Set qDef = db.QueryDefs("qPT_Generic") qDef.Connect =...
  17. Minty

    Grabbing XML field

    Pass through from Excel: But I thought there was a better way to handle XML data in Access but am struggling to find what I am looking for?
  18. Minty

    Solved Build Query With Single/Double Quotes Potentially In Free Text Field

    Correct It's effectively simply stored in memory, then deleted once the procedure is run.
  19. Minty

    Solved Build Query With Single/Double Quotes Potentially In Free Text Field

    The best way is to use a parameterised query. This post demonstrates a simple way to set it up
  20. Minty

    Really struggling with cleaning this excel data when imported to Access

    @templeowls I also provided an answer in the crossposted thread, yet you haven't acknowledged that or @bastanu contributions here? Both of the answers provided gave you what you needed.
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