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  1. NauticalGent

    Zip/Unzip utility

    How can it be that something that is built into Windows is so complicated to incorporate into an Access App? Daniel Pineault has a nice PowerShell wrapper that was working great until my IT dept decided that calling PS commands from an MS Office App was bad JuJu. If anyone has something handy...
  2. NauticalGent

    IT Help(less) Desk

    Gotta love US Gov IT. You place a trouble call, get a ticket, wait a week and the first communique you receive is an email asking you "has the issue been resolved?" It took all I had not to respond "Gee, I dont know...did you FIX it?!?" I understand that a there is a reason for asking but it...
  3. NauticalGent

    Statistical Analysis Software., AKA SAS

    Does anyone have any experience with using SAS as a BE? There are only 3 threads on this forum and they are quite old...
  4. NauticalGent

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Today's "Bad Call" entry: Getting a large frozen margarita with a take out lunch order from the local Mexican Restaurant in honor of Cinco de Mayo. This afternoon Teams meeting should be good...
  5. NauticalGent

    Any Facebook argument...

  6. NauticalGent

    Word Mail-Merge to separate PDFs

    I was looking for a way to do this entirely within Access (if your only tool is a hammer...) But then stumbled across this article; a simple copy and paste and I had 70 custom PDF's in less than 3 minutes. Good stuff!
  7. NauticalGent

    Linking a SharePoint View

    Using code I found here, I have used the following code to Link a SharePoint View in Access: DoCmd.TransferSharePointList acLinkSharePointList, "http:\serversite", _ "{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}", _ 'Sharepoint List GUID "{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}", _ 'SharePoint View...
  8. NauticalGent

    Great Function to Pluralize words

    Making my rounds this morning, I came across this handy UDF by @NoLongerSet . Great new tool for my toolbox...
  9. NauticalGent

    Hail Mary...

    I need help AWF...what to get my wife for our 10 year anniversary. She isnt big on jewelry, flowers or spas. She is very simple and I could easily get by just making dinner and a homemade card... But I want to do more...
  10. NauticalGent

    Query Performance: Under the hood

    Queries have always been a mystery to me. Never really understood exactly what happened when I hit the "Run" button but I do remember getting all excited as a sailor on shore leave when I got the right results. It was Philipp who first introduced me to JetShowPlan and although I have never...
  11. NauticalGent

    St. Paddy's Day

    Make it a great one! May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
  12. NauticalGent

    Spell Check

    In the past due to my CRAP spelling, I relied heavily on the spell-check feature this forum offered. I noticed today that it no longer does that. I have searched the settings and cannot find anything. Anybody...?
  13. NauticalGent

    An archer must never blame a target for missing it

    I have used a similar quote: "A poor archer blames his arrow" Thursday night is my bowling league night. I have been bowling for over 30 years, my average fluctuates from about 180 to 190 and I can be counted on to bowl at least one 200 game a night. This particular league, I am on the lower...
  14. NauticalGent

    It"s all clear now...

    This explains a lot...
  15. NauticalGent

    ♪ ♫ All Reved Up With No Place to Go! ♫♪

    RIP and rock on!
  16. NauticalGent

    OS Updates

    Good morning AWF, Last night when I powered down my work laptop (thin client setup, Citrix environment), I got the Windows Update message and opted to install updates and then power-down. I thought to myself "Great, this will be the update that makes Access barf" But then I started wondering...
  17. NauticalGent

    Go DAWGS!

  18. NauticalGent

    ID Card Printers

    I've been asked to do some research for an ID Card I did. Anyone here have any experience?
  19. NauticalGent

    Oh wait, one more thing before I go...

    So Betty White has moved's like 2021 said "Hold on a second, one more thing before I go..."
  20. NauticalGent


    Am I the only one seeing snow in AWF?
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