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    Mark All As Read

    I don't suppose this would be something of interest to anyone else by any chance? Let's say you go on vacation (or perhaps are absent some other reason) and you just want to clear your 'unread' list because otherwise it's huge. 2 clicks and you're done (there is a confirmation prompt there)...
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    Add to "New Member? Read Me First" thread?

    My suggestion is to either add to this or create something new that outlines what makes a good post and perhaps touch on forum etiquette. Things about how to post might include advice on - don't just say "it doesn't work" - including error numbers and error text as the number alone is not...
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    A Member Thread + Term Search Function?

    Is there a way to search for a term in threads started by a member ? I've looked but didn't find anything that fits what I'm trying to do. Let's say you see that someone posted that the OP has cross posted and you think this might be a repeat issue. You would need to search for the term "cross...
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    Meathead's BBQ

    I looked thru 6 pages of watercooler threads and didn't find one to add this to, so here goes with my own. We're doing bbq ribs today, and when I pulled my baggie of pre-mixed dry rub I thought, why don't I post a link to what I think is the best bbq science/technique/recipes that I've ever...
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    #2's Not A Ukulele

    I think the only thing keeping me sane during lock down is my Little Shop of Horrors. While I wait for more warm weather to spray #1, I have #2 on the go, but I will run out of things to do very soon if I can't shop for materials. I'll just post highlights rather than document a build like I did...
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    A Ukulele For A Gent

    As a result of my posts about making a guitar, Nautical Gent has asked me to build him a ukulele seeing as how I was thinking of building another one anyway. This time, it will be pretty much from scratch instead of a kit. We both thought it would be cool to document the build in a water cooler...
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    Solved Odd Back Button Behaviour

    I mentioned this elsewhere and it had more to do with not being able to navigate back to a thread opened from email, but this is related and perhaps explains why. The images show the behaviour I see when opening a thread from the list, click on an image icon then attempt to go back to the...
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    Are you subscribed?

    Did the old site version have a "subscribed" indicator (see green check)? I don't see one here as I do elsewhere (AccessForums.Net) Is that something that would interest anyone else (assuming it doesn't exist here already).
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    Comments on Determining If A db Is Open

    Looking for verification here. I have been trying to help someone elsewhere with automation from Excel whereby the code opens a db and previews a report. Not too difficult it seems, until one raises the prospect that the particular db is already open. In searching this, I found lots of code...
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    Randomizing Data for Posted db's

    We often ask Original Poster to upload a copy of their db but the issue might be that it contains sensitive data. Complete data removal may not allow us to troubleshoot the OP's issue because queries, forms, etc. need records in order to observe or trouble shoot the problem. Here's a...
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    Boston vs Yankees in UK?

    I'm curious to know who in the UK is tuned in or at this game and what the reception of those people would be. I imagine there's a lot of "what the heck are they doing that for?" type of comments or falling asleep in front of the tube (game pace probably seems very slow). I'm watching at about 3...
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    Oh I just love that Wal Mart ad - "Hover Over". Wish I had a dollar for every time I scroll the page and my cursor rides over the ad and I get to look at their flyer. :rolleyes: (That's me rolling my eyes out loud)
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    How Did You Suffer For Family? (Keep it light)

    Hoping to keep this topic light-hearted. Visiting family suggested "let's watch Pacific Rim: Uprising". Arguably one of the worst movies I've ever had to suffer through. The real killer is that while the movie blasts away, 3 out of 5 are gaming on their phones more than watching! What we do for...
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    This Customization Was Already Loaded

    Apologies for the long post. Either that or likely I'll have to say I tried most of what you're going to suggest. The issue is error message 32610: "DatabaseName.accdb cannot load customization 'Main'. This customization was already loaded." Up to now, I've avoided customizing ribbons like the...
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    Hello From Ontario - Not California!

    Living in Ontario, Canada for all of my life. I have tried to keep my Access knowledge out of the cobwebs of my mind by contributing a bit over at Access There are a few posts over there under the same handle/moniker (Micron). Have entered a few details on my profile page to get...
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