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  1. Dick7Access

    Tried 11 yet

    Anybody tried 11 Yet, if so opinion.
  2. Dick7Access

    PDF to Word or Excel

    Just got my financial report from our accountant and he sent it in a PDF file my mistake. He usually sends it in a MSWord file. I email him a request to send it again in MSWord, but he will be out of the office for some time. In word It comes thru in the order of dates he receives the checks. I...
  3. Dick7Access

    Field difficulty

    My main DB is doing something that I can’t figure out what’s happing, so don’t know where to look to fix it. On one form when I click in a field, (any field) it gets an orange boarder around it, just like when in design view. The data still in the field but I can’t copy the text. Other forms...
  4. Dick7Access


    I am using Edge as my web browser. The setting say Open these pages Only one listed is AOL which it has been for years so I can check my email the first thing. However, now when I open Edge it opens to my feeds. I don’t like feeds, and never use them. How do I get ride of it?
  5. Dick7Access

    Word mail merge / Access

    For then last 25 years I have sent out my church support letter each month (approx. 35) with a mail merge. I type one letter, in Word, set place holders for names, address etc. In Access I type S in the send field and of course my printer spits out the same letter 35 times with different names...
  6. Dick7Access

    Antique Stop Watch

    Anybody know a web site I can get a quote on a hundred-year-old Stop watch. Mint condition!
  7. Dick7Access

    Lost vertical Scroll bar.

    Lost vertical scroll bar. Tried this, did not work. What else can I look for? How to Get the Word Scroll Bar Back If It Disappears Open a Word document and click File on the top-left corner. Choose Options on the left sidebar. Go to Advanced pane and scroll down to find Display section. You...
  8. Dick7Access

    US Treasury or IRS

    Anybody know how I can find out how much money I have sent in for my Estimated Tax I have searched extensively on IRS and US Treasury web sites. All I come up with is how to send them more money (not surprising)
  9. Dick7Access

    Import a MS Excel spread

    How to import a MS Excel spread sheet Definition. Can’t find anything on Google.
  10. Dick7Access

    CMD Next

    On the DB I have used for over 5 years I have a CMD called (cmdNext) that goes to the next record. This morning it is not working, I have no idea where to start to diagnose the problem. [/CODE] Private Sub cmdNext_Click() On Error GoTo err_handler If IsNull(txtNameL) Then MsgBox "You...
  11. Dick7Access


    My wife in Nursing home can no longer mentally handle live streaming on a computer. We have purchased her a DVD player. That she can handle. All she has to do is put the disc in and turn it on. My home church makes DVD’s of all services. However, some of my supporting churches don’t make DVD’s...
  12. Dick7Access

    Loading feed

    Every once in a while, I get a message, “We are having trouble loading your feed” What is a feed, and how do I get rid of this annoying message.
  13. Dick7Access


    I've been tiring for two hours and googling. Can somebody put the formula in here for me? labels should be self explanatory.,
  14. Dick7Access

    Enlarge JPEG

    Is it possible to enlarge a JPEG with MS Paint, and have it be large when I project it on a screen with a computer?
  15. Dick7Access


    I want to figure how many possibilities there are for any set of numbers. such as with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 how many different pass words could be made. A friend sent me this formula but I don't know any algebra...
  16. Dick7Access

    Win 10 internet connection

    I had in my task bar a half round signal icon when I was connected. A airplane when not connect. Now it is an airplane connected or not connected. What gives?
  17. Dick7Access

    Google Maps

    For some reason some times Google Maps shows route numbers and some times is doesn't. I have google the problem man y times but can't fin d the answer, How do I get route numbers to show.
  18. Dick7Access

    AWF Members

    I will be in Lewisburg, WV for another week. If you live here give me a shout. I'll buy you lunch
  19. Dick7Access

    Locked Access

    I have a small DB (HowTo.accdb) that I put how to do things. I was putting in a new cmd button and saved it but it closed on me. When I open it again with an icon from desktop it opened but then close again. I tried it a few more times and same thing. I then tried from file manager and same...
  20. Dick7Access

    Can't edit text

    I just made a simple two field journal. Date, long text. When I look at data in datasheet view and then switch back to form view, I get a + for a curser and can't edit text. Can't figure out what's happening.
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