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    activeX component can't create object

    Good day! I'm writing the following code in Word 2013 VB to connect to MDB database dim db as database dim rst as recordset set db="db path" set rst= db.openrecordset("Table Name") In this stage I'm getting the error message :run-time error '4029' activex component can't create object" I...
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    Removing (File) tab from Ribbon & removing database title

    Good evening all! I use the following Ribbon XML code in a UsysRibbon table. I got it from these forums. I need to remove the (File) menu and also to remove the title that appears at the top of the database (which displays the file name and path). Thanks in advance <customUI...
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    Custom filter (acCmdFilterMenu)

    Good day! I use the follwoing code to filer a filed on a form Public Function FilterForm() On Error GoTo errlbl Set SelectedButton = ActiveControl Me.Controls(ActiveControl.Tag).SetFocus Me.Recordset.MoveFirst DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdFilterMenu Exit Function errlbl: If Err.Number =...
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    Removing the gap between form detail and footer

    Good day everyone! I need urgently to remove the gap between form detail section and form footer, either by vba code or changing the properties. Need your urgent help please
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    Printing directly to default printer

    Good day very helpful people! I've a custom shortcut menu bar in my reports. I need to add a button that prints directly (2 copies) to default printer. I've tried the code: newMenu.Controls.Add(1, 15948, , , True) newMenu.Controls.Add 1, 12499, , , True But both lead to a dialogue box. Any...
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    Solved Dynamically change text box height in a report based on another text box heigh

    Good day! if a text box property includes "can grow" then its border appears taller than other textboxes, how to dynamicllay change the height of remaining text boxes in the form where a text box height changes?
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    KeyDown with ComboBox

    Good day gentlemen! I'm using (F6) key with fields on form for specific purpose. it works fine with textboxes but doesn't work with any comboBox? Here's my code If KeyCode = 117 Then dosomething End If Any ideas!!!
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    Programatically update Pop Up property

    Good day! I need to change the property "Pop up" for all forms depending on user name. i.e. if username is "abc" then all forms pop up property will be "yes" otherwise, it will be set to "no" Thanks in advance
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    Solved Link a table in ReadOnly mode

    Good evening! I need a code to link a table from an external database (protected with password) so that the linked table will be in ReadOnly mode in the destination database. Thanks in advance
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    Issue linking tables from external database protected with password

    Good day! I have a back-end database which is protected with password. the following code imports one table only, I need a code to: 1) Link all tables in the back-end database; 2) Link particular tables. Code: Dim db As DAO.Database Dim tdf As DAO.TableDef Dim strConnect As String Dim...
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    Bound ComboBox to external database

    I have two databases; one for forms (db1) and the other (db2) where I kept my tables (protected with password) Now, I need to bound data in a form; form or sub-form recordsource, combobox, listbox ...etc. to that external database without linking tables. NB: linking tables will enable the user...
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    Unbound image - on opening from form, the form is stucked

    Hello again! I have an unbound image on my form. when I double click it, it opens in the default image opening application. When I come back to the form, the focus is not moving to any control on the form. I must close the form and open it again. How to resolve this very please? Thanks
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    Solved Multiple criteria to open a report

    It's very confusing to use "quotes" with the docmd.openreport. Can any one please and please, provide us standard forms for: 1) Docmd.openreport,,, where NUMERIC FIELD= NUMERIC FIELD and NUMERIC FIELD= NUMERIC FIELD 2) Docmd.openreport,,, where NUMERIC FIELD= NUMERIC FIELD and TEXT...
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    Solved VBA to update a table with the sum of a field in another table

    Thanks for your persistent support. I have a table (transactions) with the columns: date; description, debit, credit and cost center. The second table is: Cost centers summary with the columns: const center and balance I need a vba code to update the sum of credit (for example) into the table...
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    Recall combo box from a text box

    In a combo box without control source, it comprises 3 columns: id, a_name, amount. I use it to recall data from a certain table. Is it possible to fill in the combo box based on the data in a text box. Ex. When entering a name in the a_name text box, combo box should show the same...
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    Multiple where condition (numeric + string)

    Sorry for disturb! I need to open a report from a current form with two where conditions; first is numeric and the second is string. DoCmd.OpenReport ("abc"), acViewPreview , , (where condition) Thanks in advance
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    Months automatic breakdown breakdown

    Good day! I'm working on tenancy contract project. I enter the start date and end date manually. I need a code to break down tenancy contract to periods automatically. i.e. if the contract starts on 6-12-2020 and ends on 15-5-2020, it should break them down as follows: period 1: from 5-12-2020...
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