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    Update a table from other table when there is a change

    Hello I have two tables with the same structure and data . I want to have a query to update only records from table2 from table 1 where changed . both tables have the same fields
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    Ask User to input the DATE in Macro

    Hello I've added this line in my macro to ask user to input the date. It repeat two times in my macro .!! I 've changed it many many times .but ... .I have the same code in another database which comes up one time ! could you help me what is wrong ?( the correct date should be 2022-01-01 ...
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    Solved Runtime error '3061' too few parameters .expected 1

    Hello I have this small VBA code which is appending data from one table( that is selected in the list ) to other table with the same fields and name. Private Sub Command2_Click() Dim sVal$ sVal = Me.Combo0 sVal = "INSERT INTO OSFinal " & _ "(...
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    Update a flag for two month ago

    Hello I have a table with two fields ( date and flag) I need to find the max Month no. then update flag of the records with 2 months older than max month . ex ; 08/01/2021 then max month is 8 update flag for records with month less than 6 could you give me a hint how to do ...
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    Access: Need to display a list of tables in a drop down window

    Is there a way that I can have a form in Access show the user a list of the tables that are in Access as a drop down list? What I want to do is let the user view data based off the actual table it is in.However, also don't want to show ALL the tables, just ones with a name prefix like "Data_*"...
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    Solved login form

    HELLO I have a databse with a table to give access user to login .but it have an error that i can solve it ,anyone can help me to find the issue ? Private Sub Command1_Click() If IsNull(Me.txtBnumber) Then MsgBox "Please enter your Bnumber to proceed." Me.txtBnumber.SetFocus Else...
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    Solved Compare Two date values in two fields in one table

    Hello I have a basic question, I have a table and want to compare dates .if date 1> date 2 , then pop a message . any Idea how can i do it ? with query or with VBA ?? Thank you
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    Solved Query Group by

    hello, I have a quay to group by 3 field and do sum in other fields . I want to have two other fields but not to be group by I want to be a part of table but i face the below error. how can do that ? any idea ? I appreciate for your help
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    Concatrelatd () function

    Hello I need help in concatenating a string field in rows : I want to do group by AC Model and Ac Serial,then concatenate all AC event text strings for it together. Can you provide me a solution ? Thank you
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    Solved SUM in a query

    Hello I need a help in sum of some fields I I want to sum (p and s and un fileds) id the month is 8 and add in O field? when i write id the query ,i have a lot of errors Operation_SUM : IIf ( Month([MONTH)]) ="8",([PLANNED]+[Scheduled]+[Unscheduled]),0) Could someone help to do this query...
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    IIF condition for the date are not shown in the query

    Hello I have a query that shows the correct details. it should show 12-month data before the exact END DATE from exiting data . for a specific case,I have just 2 2 month records to show. How can I add a condition if the other months are not on the list put their value 1 or 100%. this query ...
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    Open a macro in a databese2 in database1

    Hello I have two databases,1and 2,I want to run a macro from database 2 in database 1 : I have the below code, but not work and no error .can you hint where is the issue? Public Function run_main() Call CallMacro() End Function Public Sub CallMacro() ' Dim strDbName, strMacro Dim...
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    Solved Import 3Excel files in a table and make a copy of them

    Hello I am new in VBA, I have a scenario to import 3 excel files that have the same sheet name ( all 3 have "Report details" sheet) , I want to open a dialog box and choose 3 excel files at the same time and then make a copy in a folder of them .and then import all 3 sheets in ONE table . what...
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    Solved Import from excel to access and export from Access to Excel

    Hi I am trying to import an Excel sheet to access table and i find the comments section being truncated.I changed the data type in table to long text ( Rich text) .but it truncates less than 255 char. My DATA table has two fileds with longtext( Rich Text) datatype. can you tell me which part of...
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    ODBC -- call failed. [Oracle][ODBC][ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes:expected %s got %s (#932)

    Hello I have a table in oracle and I linked it to my access. then I can open it and see data. I created a simple query to see records with the criteria "del" in one field, the below error comes up when I run the query !!!! Could you help me with what would be this issue? ODBC -- call failed...
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    Change Duplicated records

    Hello I need your help, I have a table in which some records have been duplicated .based on one field ( ex. Id ) I need to change the duplicated Id ( ex . add -1 at the end of it ) how can I do it in a query? how can ask to find the duplicated records and change the id ? thank you in advance
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    Solved VBA Export to excel ..runtime error 91

    Hello I need your help ,I had the below code for Export 3tables in Xl format in a folder .it was working perfectly ,but after updating Access 365 I have runtime error 91.. in the line " For Each varFile In .SelectedItems "... can you help me to solve it .thanks alot Public Function export()...
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    Removing from end with IF condition

    Hello I need help,I have a table in which one field is populated with numbers , I want to truncate this filed to 5 digits( some numbers are less than 5 and some are more). for this field, I want to put a condition if it is greater than 5 digits, delete the rest of the characters( I mean if it is...
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    Delete a table if it exists

    Hello I have the below code to delete a table if it exists, but it doesn't work could you help me where is the issue? If Not IsNull(DLookup("Name", "MSysObjects", "Name='JIC Global'")) Then DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, "JIC Global" Thank you
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    Append a table from access to a table in Oracle

    Hello I really need a help I have a table in access in which two fields are date/time datatype .when I change it to shortime to append to a oracle table( two fields type are VARCHAR2(5byte) ,it doesn't let them in . ex: from Access ( 4:30:20) Am doesn't get in ...because should be...
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