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    All records in table disappeared

    I have a split database with about 15 users, each with their own front end. The back end is housed on a NAS on our company LAN. There is also a Datto backup device that backs up the NAS regularly throughout the day. The front end has a login form that pulls from a user table. The login form...
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    Excel to Access Data Connection Multiple Users Question

    I have a split database, and each user has their own FE. A couple of folks in the office would like to pull data from it. Both setups call for pulling from a query I made for them that reside in the BE. I setup their Excel workbook connections for them, and everything works until someone is...
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    Struggling with an Inventory Tacking DB

    Short description, the thing will hinge on two things, Batches (that we manufacture) and Purchase Orders (that we receive from customers). The fields that really matter are these Batch Table ProductID Quantity Manufactured Ready Status Date of Manufacture Purchase Request Table...
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    Password Protecting Backend of Split Database

    I'm trying to learn about this, so I created a single table, single form test app. I followed the directions found in numerous places online. 1. Split database. 2. Delete the linked table in the front end 3. Open back end in exclusive mode. 4. Encrypt back end. 5. Re-link table in front end...
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    Audit Trail With Table Level Data Macro Question

    I'm trying to get a grasp of the concept as explained by Scott Gem here. I think I've done it properly, but it's not working. If anyone could take a minute and have a look at the attached test db, and point me to what...
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    Sum in a Report Based on Query

    I'm trying to build a report that lists a set of events. The events have a start and stop date/time value. I perform the math to calculate the duration of the event. I am trying to sum the column of durations, and am having trouble understanding what to do. See attached. What am I not grasping?
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    Printing Macro Steps

    I'm using Access 2010. Is there a way to generate a paper copy of the action steps in a macro? I've lloked all around, but cant seem to find a way to do this. I know I can take screenshots, but wondered if I'm missing something.
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    Zero versus Null Confusion Maybe?

    I’ve built a simple inventory tracking tool for our manufacturing department. Our products are manufactured in discrete batches, and the number of shippers produced is entered. Then shippers are sent out as customers require. I used two tables, the Batch table BatchT, and a Shipped Quantity...
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    DLookup For Duplicate Entries and MessageBox Response Question

    Dim FoundNotFound As Variant, Response As Variant FoundNotFound = DLookup("LotNumber", "BatchT", "LotNumber='" & Me.LotNumber & "'") If Not IsNull(FoundNotFound) Then Response = MsgBox("Lot number already in use. Check Batch List for next available number", vbOKOnly) If...
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    Dealing With User Mistakes-Particularly Accidental Records

    I've built a few small applications that are used by different small groups of people in my small organization. So far, its been sufficient for a user to tell me they made a mistake, and I go into the whatever table(s) are affected, and delete the record(s). My latest project is larger, and will...
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    General Question: Better looking Reports

    I'm no graphic designer, and I'm barely a passable Access database designer, but one thing I'm always disappointed in are the look of my reports. I would very much like to hear ideas on how to make reports more professional looking.
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    Combo Boz Question RE: Row Source/Inherit Value List Properties

    I created a combo box on a form bound to a table field, and I created my own list. I realized later that I left a member off the list. After much fiddling around, I finally was able to fix the Row Source after I changed the Inherit Value List property to "No". Creating a new combo box carried...
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    User Input Control Beyond Input Masks

    I have an Access application that requires a date input in this format, YYMMDD with the day being the last day of the month. This date becomes part of a bar code as an expiry date code, that gets printed on a label. I have guidance text right above the textbox that explains how to input the...
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    Unexplained Crashes of Access 2010 DB

    Can anyone take a look at this and provide some insight? This started happening about two weeks ago, and I can’t seem to find the root cause. Here is the scenario I have a set of causalities that can be attributed to an event. The event is documented as an Investigation Report{IR}. (Table...
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    Better Password Input Mask?

    I almost always create a login form, and have always just used the password input mask, and let users create whatever password they like, but I have often wondered how to create an improved password requirement, i.e. at least 4 lettesr, and 4 numbers or some such, but have never been able to...
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    Sequential Numbering Question

    A couple years ago I took over maintaining a preventive maintenance DB. There is one aspect I haven't been able to fix. To say I'm not the most qualified VBA person would be an understatement, though I know enough to believe its the answer to this question. One of the functions of the DB is to...
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    White Strip at the Bottom Of Forms

    This has been a small annoyance since I started working with Access a few years ago. I've dug around properties, and tried all sorts of different things, but have never been able to figure out the cause. I'm sure its probably something obvious I missing, but I would dearly love to know what...
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    Tables Cascading Combo Boxes and Empty Options

    I've built my first attempt at this idea. I have a 4 level cascade set up and its working as intended, but one issue I have is some 3rd level options don't require a set of 4th level options, and some do. My table structure is tblFirstLevel FirstLevelID FirstLevelName tblSecondLevel...
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    Think I Did It Right, But Split DB Wont Allow > 1 User

    Access 2010 Split DB with the BE on a shared drive Runtime file created by copying and renaming accdb file after splitting. All FEs are accdr. Each user has their own copy of the FE Each FE works. BE Client Settings Default Open Mode 'Shared' Default Record Locking 'No Locks' Client Settings...
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    Controlling Button Property On Form Load

    In the past I've successfully used this technique to control locking of combo boxes, but can't seem to get it to work for enabling or disabling a button. Scenario: 2 forms frmLogin, and frmMainNavigation The login form has a combo box that includes a column for Access level, with a value of 1...
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