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    Passing tablename and fieldname as parameters?

    Is it possible to pass tablename or fieldname as parameters for a function or subroutine?? I am trying to make a form with text-boxes - txtInputTableName and txtInputTableField which will make a one dimensional array out of user specified field on any table. Can someone help me regarding...
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    Moving records between listboxes.

    Hello all. I am having some problems in moving data from one list box to another. I have attached the database below. Form 1 contains two listboxes, labelled Left and Right. My objective is to select multiple records from left listbox and move them to the right listbox. I can successfully...
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    Auto fill text boxes using SELECT query

    I am sharing the database as .rar file. 'tblCust' contains information about the customers - Name, Age, Address, Contact, Date of entry and serial number. 'frmCust' is used by user to add information to 'tblCust'. 'frmSearch' contains two text-boxes which are to be filled with date of entry and...
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    Search table using calculated field.

    Hi, Is there a way to search data using a calculated data field. On 'EntryForm', name, address, contact, date(Dt) and serial number(Sr) are entered which are combined to produce a calculated result using formula - Year[Dt] *10000000+Month[Dt]*100000+Day[Dt]*1000+[Sr] There is a separate...
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    Problem in calculating 'balance' in ledger.

    Hi, I am making a database to manage my banking transactions, similar to ledger. The table table would contain 6 fields. Serial no, date, detail, deposit, withdrawal and balance. I have made a form to enter serial number, date, detail, deposit and withdrawal. The report is generated to show...
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    Solved Problem in conversation of date

    Hi, I want to create a database where i can enter date, and serial number for customers. I want a third field which uses entered date as ddmmyyyy and joins it with serial number making it into a unique registration number. Example - Date of entry - 1/30/2019 . Serial number...
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    Hi all.. Nice to be here
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