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    Solved Dynamic results based on wildcard dates provided with form fields

    Hi Team, I have a form where I have ComboBox with the list of Years (2018,2019,2020,2021) and I have the proper dates in my Database as shown below: Dates 04/01/2021 03/22/2021 07/22/2020 08/16/2019 Whenever I select any year(example: 2020) in the form, the results should populate...
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    Solved Crosstab Query - Columns are not Updating/Refreshing in the Reports

    Hi Team, I have created a CrossTab query and SELECT query on the same data where I have Type of Certifications in Rows and Years in Columns as shown below: Certification 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Certificate Type 7 1 Certificate Type 4 1 1 1 Certificate Type2 1 2 7 3 1...
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    Solved Run Time Error while attaching the PDF to the Email

    Hi Team, I use the below code to attach the Access Report in the email. It was working fine earlier, but now I'm getting Run Time Error "cannot find this file verify the path" I'm facing the issue when the attachment is added (Attachments.add filename). Private Sub Send_Mail_Click() Dim...
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    Solved Sum of Specific field based on multiple conditions from a Table data

    Hi Team, I have been trying to solve this. I have 2 Tables Table 1: Master Database Date Function Savings Status of Project 01/01/2019 ABC 1000 Completed 01/01/2019 BCD 900 On-Going 01/01/2020 ABCD 1500 Completed 01/01/2021 BCGA 1500 Completed 01/01/2021 HCFD 1000 Completed Table...
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    Solved Unable to Stop the bounded form from adding unwanted records

    Hi Team, Good evening. I have a bounded form with about 34 fields and I have a "Save" button (to just save the details to the master table) and a "Home" button (to go back home without saving the record when there are any changes made after it is saved). But some users are messing it up by just...
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    Solved Me.Undo is reversing all the actions performed in a form

    Hi Team, I have a bounded form with many fields and I have inserted the "Save" button to save the changes with the help of MsgBox (Yes/No). The problem is when I save it, it saves the form, but later if I change/modify one field and click on "No" to undo the changes, it is reversing all the...
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    Solved Selected fields from a table/query to generate Report and export to Excel & PDF in MS Access

    Hi Team, Please help me build this up! I have a Master DB Table with about 34 fields and I have specific requirements filtering out the data and export the fields to Excel or PDF. I have built the queries with the requirements of the criteria. The requirement is to create a form with ListBox of...
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    Hello Access World

    I'm new in exploring the depth of MS Access. Hope this forum would be of help for both sides by more exploration and contribution. :)
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