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    Deactivate the DB after certain days

    I intend to create a trial version of DB, and I want to deactivate the DB automatically after certain days. Is there an idea.
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    Calculate Percentage without Empty Fields

    Hi All, How I can calculate the percentage for a numeric field in report with the following conditions: 1- field is not empty (Contains value). 2- if the field value >= 4.5 For example:- Mark 10 0 Afgf 7 3 the percentage should be (2 (10 and 7 >=4.5)) / (4 (not 5)) = 50%
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    Solved Finds records using openrecordset

    Hi All, I have a group of employee’s ID numbers in a textbox with “,” between each ID number. I want to open a recordset to find the matching employee name and Email from (tbl_student) table. for example, in the textbox, I have (358,258,4025), I want to find the employee name and email for each...
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    Solved Display max value from two column with all columns

    I have a table (tbl1) with the following columns:- col1 col2 col3 7-Aug-21 1 Pete 7-Aug-21 2 John 15-Sep-21 1 Don 15-Sep-21 1 Elsa 11-Oct-21 2 Rick 11-Oct-21 1 Betty 11-Oct-21 2 Vera 11-Oct-21 1 Ronald With a query or VBA code, I want to reach the...
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    Solved Search with two primary keys

    I have table (tbl_Date) contains two primary keys (Date & shiftID), I designed a search function and the results will be display in combo box, but if i selected one of them the form will not go to the selected record. the error in the following code:- Private Sub cmbSearchList_AfterUpdate()...
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    Solved Query between two dates

    Hi All, I want to create a query to display the records based on the date range that entered on a form, this form contained two parameters 1- Employee location , 2- date of employment (from date .... To date....) I need to display the employees records who were employed within the date range...
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    Solved My DB does not display email with .accde file

    I have an option in my DB to send an Email, and the project display the Email before I send it. in the original file (.accdb), the function is works well, but when I save the project as ( .accde) the function does not work ( the project will not display the Email). Thanks
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    Solved Sorting Report from Combo Box

    Hi; I have a form that has a few parameters on it, and it has a button to open report; I want to add a combo box on the form (cmbsort) to allow end user sort the data on the report based on the combo box value. Thank you
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    Solved Run Query Based on Parameters

    Hi, I want to enter a parameters (ex. date range), then to click on a command "Execute Query" (All of them are available on form header) to run a query on a form detail. kindly see attached Pic. Thank you
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    Solved How to add a checkbox on a Continuous Form

    Hi; I am trying to add a checkbox on a continuous form in order to select "employees" that I will send an Email to them. the data (on the continuous form) comes from query, now if I checked or unchecked the checkbox on the form detail, all of them will have the same behavior. I don't want to...
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    Problem with table relationship

    I intend to design new Access databased, I created 3 tables 1- tbl_room, PK roomID "Short Text" 2- tbl_bed PK roomID "Short Text" AND bedNO "Number" 3- tbl_item PK itemID "Number", bedNO "Number" AND roomID "Short Text" I want to create correct relationship between them...
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    Solved how to subtract between last two rows using VBA

    in the main screen "Master", it's contains a subform "Visits Subform", inside the sub form i have fields "Visit_date" and "Countd". when i click on add button for new record in the subform, i want to subtract the last record in "Visit_date" field and the current record that i want to add now...
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    Calculating Differences Between Dates in two Subforms

    Hello,, I have on the main form two subforms, the first one named (Referral_Date) contains one field "Referral date", while the second subform named (Visits) contains "Date of Visit" and "Days"; I need to calculate the difference between the "Referral Date" and current date on field "Days"on...
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