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    Dropdown List values different from bound field values

    I have a dropdown that lists employees but only active employees (where inactive=FALSE). The dropdown is also bound to a table that stores the employeeID per record and has historical data (Inactive=TRUE or FALSE.) I am seeing that when an employee is set to false, it doesnt show in the...
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    Solved Cumulative total in Textbox

    I am looking do a calculation when data is entered in a textbox. It should add the current value of the textbox + the entered value and store the new total. Doesnt seem like I can use BeforeUpdate event to do the addition and textbox.OldValue field doesnt always have the current value?
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    DISTINCT values of a Subform Recordset

    Is it possible to take a RecordsetClone of a subform(filtered) and then in VBA, query on the distinct values of that recordset? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set rs_Clone =Me.subfrm.Form.RecordsetClone /**Set another recordset (rs_Cust)...
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    Tab Order through Subforms

    I have a main form that has 5 subforms with text controls and in those subforms , there are subforms with text boxes. The main form has 8 text boxes that have tab order 0-7, then the first subfrm1 has two text boxes then a subform(1.1) with three textboxes I need to go from: MainForm.textbox7...
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    Saving a form with subform

    I have a form that has a subform (subform1) and a subform (subform2) in that. The data is entered in the subform2, but I need subform1 to save a record as well. I default a textbox to the ID I need to save, but it wont save because I dont enter any data in that form. What is the call I need to...
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    Field with calculation and control source

    I have a field in a subform that I need to have as a calculated field but also stored in the database. I have a table with Start Date, End Date and Duration In the sub form(s) I would need the duration to be a calculation of WorkDays(startdate, enddate) and the next subform (With same fields)...
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    Limit Subform to one record

    I have a subform that has three fields - Start Date, End Date and Duration. It comes from a table that has many records, so the recordset is Select Top 1 (although there should only be one). This subform should be able to allow for new entries, but just one, so I have to set the Allow...
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    Solved Filtering form and subform

    I have a form with a recordsource of one table. There are subforms that link to the main form using the Link Master/Child Fieldvand everything works great with adding, etc. I also have dropdowns to filter the data. I take the value from the filter and create a string to use for the Form.Filter...
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    Hiding fields in Details section

    I have many fields as well as a subreport in the detail section of my report, each one is for a person and their info If any of these fields dont have data, I am hiding the header and have the Can Shrink of both to Yes. The Headers are textboxes and only show text if the textbox field has...
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    Images on Continuous SubForm

    I have a subform that is linked to a continuous form that has an image box. The continuous form runs off a query with a field for photo path. I need to format the image box to show the picture in field (by path) if there is a path in the field, but if not, then default to a grey image (default...
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    Family Tree Report structure

    Hello, I am creating a family tree access app and have the database structure, relationships and hierarchy set up. I just need to create a report that displays the data in a hierarchical structure. I should probably start without pictures and add them later? Has anyone ever created a report to...
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    Glad I found this forum!

    Hello Access World, I have been developing in access for over 20 years, but sometimes there are some requirements for a system that I just need to get someone else's opinion on how to do it. I'm hoping I can get all my answers here and learn a thing or two in the process
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