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    Quick query about Azure

    Hi I'm planning a DB to be linked to Azure so it can be accessed globally. The question I would like clarified is whether it is always possible to access the DB even without internet connection. Or if it requires access at all times to the server?
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    Integrate Word mail merge in MS Access

    Hi I'm looking to integrate a mail merge facility into an MS Access DB. I know there are solutions to this out there but couldn't quite find what I'm after. I would like as little user input as possible. So the user can select a letter template they wish to merge with a particular data source...
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    Solved Split form not filtering to 0 with drop-down filters

    I am having trouble with a split form. When filtering one field to 0 it will not display all the records. It will work when I use a number filter 'equals 0' though. I have checked if there are any underlying filters on the form and also if it works to do in the underlying query but not managed...
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    Solved Conditional Formatting Expression Data Format Error

    Hi I have just encountered an issue that have not found previously. When designing conditional formatting rules for date fields it would change the expression to date format even though I input as regular integer. I tried a couple of times and this was result. See attached screenshot.
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    Solved View not displaying all data correctly

    I have a view which is showing all data perfectly in SSMS but not in MS Access. I have tried refreshing link and deleting and re-linking but no success. Anything else I can try?
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    Solved Write conflict error

    I am having trouble updating any data in one table in MS Access which is linked to SQL server. This happens on form, view or basic table. It works fine to update on SQL Server direct. I have tried closing all open forms/tables and SSMS but still getting this error message. Don't know what else...
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    Solved Stats increasing rapidly

    Hi I'm not sure what the official name of this is so I'm not able to search for it but I'm sure there's a way to do it. I'm looking to increase the stats on a form on open to the current figure very quickly from 1. I often see this effect on websites e.g. on Forbes it gives figure of number of...
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    Close all objects

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has code that can close open objects in particular emails. I think these are still knocking about in my database and causing issues. I have code to close all recordsets when DB closes so looking for something to that effect. Like this: Public Function...
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    Tab order greyed out

    Hi Is there any reason that tab order is greyed out for a form in Datasheet format. My real problem is that I can't get the columns to display in a different order so I thought tab order would help me. Any thoughts please
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    Solved Checkbox causing error when SQL Server BE

    Hi I've come across an annoying error which has not happened previously. My MS Access DB recently migrated to SQL Server successfully. I have since added various fields of varying field types using SSMS. I noticed the checkboxes would come up as textboxes on forms so I would insert a checkbox...
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    Solved View not opening in DB

    Hi, I've used views for two queries in my DB. It runs in SQL Server fine and also can run as a PT query in MS Access. But I get ODBC call failed when I try opening the view in Access. (Other views are fine.) What is going wrong here?
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    Logic in MTD/YTD

    Hi Hope someone can help me find clarity in an issue I am having with a dynamic report. For each row of data, I am calculating the Current week, month to date (MTD) and year to date (YTD) values. This works fine where the same month and year are throughout the current week. However if I would...
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    Solved Alternative to IN clause

    Hi I have the following query as a form recordsource. It run fairly quickly on Jet but now that I have moved to SQL server it crashes the DB. If I would convert to PT it would mean the form is not editable. Are there any alternatives? This is the SQL Server version: SELECT * FROM tblorders...
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    Solved Report not displaying all values in source query

    I am having trouble with a report based on a query. It is not showing all values. There are no events in open/current/load of report to filter or change the data. What is going wrong here?
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    Querydefs performance

    Hi I have a form for searching many records using a search string in a textbox. The results appear in a listbox. We used to use the textbox string as a parameter for the listbox rowsource but now we have changed to SQL server and using a pass-through query for speedier results. So we can't use...
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    Solved Error with Outlook code

    Hi I have code in my DB which sends message through outlook. It has worked fine until now - it even seems to be working on most machines but when I try testing it on one computer I get 'error method not supported by this object'. I debugged to find it was the .body = strBody line so when I...
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    Solved Dynamic display titles of crosstab query

    Hi I'm revisiting some forms I started building last year (see here which I've successfully implemented thanks to @MajP !) Now my problem is that I would like to display a subform on the main form to summarise the details for each related student. I've considered the options and thought it...
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    Format Time field with AM/PM

    Hi, Since I've converted to SQL backend I've not been able to display the AM/PM in the fields with times although they are formatted as time data type. I tried the Medium date format as well hh:nn AM/PM but no success. Its probably an easy one but can anyone suggest how to resolve please?
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    Solved Problem with changing data type

    Hi, I am having another issue with the SQL server. Using SSMS I am trying to change datetime2 (default from Access migration) data type to datetime (works better for many calculations/queries). It works for some fields but for others I get the following error message. Is there any way around this?
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    Solved Errors with calling QueryDef

    Hi, I am working on moving a DB to SQL server back end but there are a couple of errors which I am having trouble resolve. In particular there is one form that has the following code when opens to change a querydef. The query runs fine but these lines of code keep flagging an error and I'm not...
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