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    New Database or just add more tables to an existing database

    This is a discussion in theory / best practice only. How do you decide when to create a second, or third etc. database instead of just adding more tables to your existing database? What so called "tips the scales" one way or the other? I am still very new to this so kind of looking for a...
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    Refreshing a Sub form

    I had a form with a Sub Form. When I entered a product Serial number on the main form, the Subform would update to show any prior entries for that serial number. No programing was needed. It worked great. Then I added a second Subform for Windows License information. I added a routine to the...
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    Continuous Form Question - Can I display the newest data at the top instead of the bottom?

    I have a continuous Form for logging paperwork received. Very Basic. Just the reference number of the paperwork and how many items were received, along with date etc. Would it be possible to invert the Continuous Form? Currently it lists the first item entered at the top with the second item on...
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    Rookie Mistake that cost me about 2 days work to fix. Learn from my pain.

    Just want to pass along this incase any other newbie is reading this. I started out making my database and I really did not pay enough attention to my Table and Field names. (Or queries or reports either.) I read things that said do this or do that. And at one point I started doing things the...
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    Some Basic Questions - I just want to be sure I understand some things

    Just a few things I want to be sure I am understanding properly: 1. In my DB I use a PartNum field set as text. The part numbers consist of a series of numbers (usually 6 numbers but not always.) On occasion the numbers will have a letter suffix (123456-A) or a letter prefix (S123456) or...
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    Even Sample code from Microsoft won't work for me

    (Running Access365) As I am trying to learn VBA I am experimenting with the On Event feature of some of my forms. Just something simple so I can understand what is happening and when. Just a simple place to start. I tried to set it up so that when the cursor left one field the program would...
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    Solved Form Not displaying like I think it should

    I am designing a form to enter date and employee information to use to run some reports. The basic form functions as expected but does not look like I expect. I have attached 2 screen snips showing the Design View and the Form view. Why does the form fill the page when I give it a width? I...
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    Solved Advice on resources to learn VBA and /or SQL

    i am looking for resources on how to learn to write code for Access. While looking on the web it appears that I can either get books on Access or on SQL. Should I be learning VBA or SQL? I do not anticipate using it much beyond this current project. I already have a functioning database but...
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    Trying to detect when a query has no records using a Macro

    NOOB question here. I have an equipment testing log database that uses a Short Text field for Serial Number (Some serial numbers have characters in them). I have a query that uses the Criteria of [Enter Serial Number] for the Serial Number field. If the Serial number exists it display a form...
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    Solved Curser not going where I want

    I have a simple form I created using the form wizard that I use to enter part numbers. I added come control buttons to the form to close the form, see last record etc. I also added a Enter new part number button. When I click the button, the form clears and goes into entry mode as expected...
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    Solved Want to learn how to add Dates from my Query to a report

    I am looking for where to learn how to do this, not have some one do it for me. Note: Everything I have done so far has been through the built in Access wizards etc. I have written no code. I have a number of reports that use dates that are put in to the query by Message Box. I have attached a...
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    Solved Problem Creating ACCDE

    (Rookie Access user) When I try to create a ACCDE from my database, I get an error that says Microsoft Access cannot create the file. Reading through the forums, it appears that the most common problem is with bad VBA code. I have no self written VBA code. Everything I have is done by the built...
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    How do I limit the data in a split form based on information in the primary form?

    I have extremely limited experience so please be gentle. I have a maintenance database with over 6k records. I have a form for entering the individual tests. I have made this form a split form. When I enter the Serial Number in the Main Form (left side) I want the Split Form(Right side) to...
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    How to compare Text instead of number in a Macro

    I have a macro to check for a password before opening a form. (I know not the most secure but secure enough for my need) I have it working with a number password, but I would like to use a text password. Right now it is "5234" and i want it to be, for example "Go Knights Go!" What do I need to...
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    Solved Query returns an Employee Number. I want my Report to list the name instead. How do I do that? (Rookie user)

    I have a QA test results Database where the employee enters their name from a dropdown list every time the make an entry. I have a table that has their name and number. In the database I am only storing their number. I have a query to show how many entries an employee made during an entered date...
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    Is this a good start to learning VBA?

    I found a PDF of the book "Access VBA Programing for Dummies" by Alan Simpson, on line. I was wondering if that is a good place to start to learn VBA in general and VBA for Access in particular. Thoughts?
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    Help For dummies

    Where can I find help that does not give answers in programing languages? I posted about a problem with a search returning no records and no way to get back to my switchboard. I got a quick response (Thanks) but it was a page full of VBA code. I asked for clarification on what to change to fit...
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    Search results in no records. How to get back to my Switchboard when this happens?

    I have a database that contains equipment serial numbers. I have a switchboard set up to run the database. One option is to search by serial number. When I enter an existing number, everything works fine. I have a button on the form to return to the switchboard. The problem is if I enter a...
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    New to this group and Access

    Trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 shutdown and convert a 5,000+ line Excel test result log to a database. Been a challenge to say the least. I have a few points I am stuck on and look forward to the groups help.
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