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    Appending Data on Import Importing Headers as well as Data

    Hi, I have created a saved import using the "Append a copy of the records to the table..." option but it is importing the headers from the source file resulting in the header row appearing as a record in the table. Is there a way to avoid this? I am using Access 2016. Thanks
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    Find the Most Recent of Consecutive Dates

    Hi, I have a table of horses that have run on consecutive days (extract below). I would like to run a query to return the record of the second of the consecutive days. I have tried using Max() but sometimes a horse has run on consecutive days on multiple occasions so it just returns the very...
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    Combining Two Aggregation Queries

    Hi guys, I am trying to combine two queries aggregation queries in Access but I am struggling with the syntax. I want the final query to return the following fields: venue, League, batsmanId, ballsFacedByGrLg and ballsFacedbyLg. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks SELECT...
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    Solved Find Different Matches in Same Field

    Hi, I have a table called EventData containing various fields including StartDay and Events. Some Events have multiple StartDays each of which are separate records. Is it possible to run a query to return records that match a specified start day (eg Monday) but also have at least one other...
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    Using A Calculated Field to Perform Another Calculation

    Hi, I have put together the query below to perform various calculations. It works ok but I am trying to now calculate the average of the BatAve results, ie the average of all BatAves in League. I thought AVG([BatAve]) AS LgBatAve would work but I just get a "Subqueries cannot be used in the...
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    Macro To Run Saved Imports and Code

    Hi, I am trying to put together a macro to run various saved imports followed by some code. I have done the saved imports and they work but I can't seem to get the code to run. The code is in a module and I have included it below. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Option...
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    Solved Query Dividing by 1 Giving Incorrect Results

    Hi, I am trying to run a simple query where I divide values by 1. Many of the results are correct but often they are wrong. This is the query: And here is an extract of the results: EVENT_ID SELECTION_NAME BSP BSPR PPWAP PPWAPR MORNINGWAP MornWAPR 116821865 Investissement 2 0.5...
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    Query Returning Different Result in Excel and Access When Using ** and %%

    Hi, I am trying to add two text criteria to a query to exclude results that contain either word/phrase. I have tried the following: WHERE (((Matches.Result) Not Like "*D/L*" And (Matches.Result)<>"No result")); and WHERE (((Matches.Result) Not Like "%D/L%" And (Matches.Result)<>"No...
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    Ranking on Multiple Criteria

    Hi, I've got a table that contains ball by ball cricket data. An extract is attached. Currently, I import it into Excel and use the following formula (copied down) to find the first delivery a batsman faced in each match, then the second, etc...
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    Add Field from Another Table Based on Value

    Hi all, I have two tables, BBB and ScB, and have designed a query to make a new table. In essence the new table just adds a field to BBB from ScB. The query works ok, with one exception. Ideally, I would like the field from ScB to be added to the new table only if the value in a field called...
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    How Best to Structure Imports and Queries

    Hi, I have a database of 5 tables that I have imported from 5 csv files. I have then run different queries to produce new tables of combined data, converted date formats and added a calculated field to one table. I have then linked the new tables to Excel for analysis. The csv files are...
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